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Trainspotting Live

A wild ride through the heroin scene of late 1980's Scotland, Trainspotting Live is an immersive theatre experience that grabs you by the hand and asks you to party till you drop.

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Jerry Springer – The Opera

It’s Jerry Springer – The Opera, people. Imagine the most absurd and multiply by 5. Award winning show. A must see.

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White Guy on the Bus: New Play by Bruce Graham

A daily bus ride where a wealthy white businessman and a struggling black single mom get to know each other.  An incident sparks a candid and surprising look at racial and economic divides. Revealing a complex web of moral ambiguity, revenge, and racial bias.

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Watch Young Pups Become Adolescent Wolf Warriors

The Sold-Out Production of Sarah DeLappe's The Wolves Returns For A Limited Run

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Tennis doesn't always have love matches: Don't You F**king Say A Word

BOTTOM LINE: An agile, energized battle of forehands and egos on and off the court.

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All Aboard for the Underground Railroad Game

"A classroom game for fifth graders; it's waltz of sex and violence; it's a challenge extended to the audience to rethink their inheritance of this nation's past."

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Get Caught in a mind-bending play

BOTTOM LINE: Caught is a Chinese-box labyrinth play questioning our perceptions of truth and authenticity.

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Watch Radiant Vermin shine

A dark comedy examining the lengths we're willing to go to make our dreams a reality.

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Skeleton Crew

BOTTOM LINE: Skeleton Crew is a poignant and effective conclusion to Dominique Morisseau's Detroit trilogy thanks to its smart script and tremendous actors.

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The Changeling
Our Friends the Enemy: the 1914 Christmas Truce
Important Hats of the Twentieth Century
Odd Birdz
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