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Odd Birdz

by Angel Lam

Written, Created and Directed by Tziporela

Off Broadway, New Comedy

The Players Theatre, 115 Macdougal Street

Tickets $45 - $75 | Runs through 15 September 2015

  Efrat Aviv in   Odd Birdz  Efrat Aviv in  Odd Birdz

This Israel-based ensemble will surprise and dazzle you in a multitude of ways using their array of acting skills. An admirable work of comedic sketches, they seem to flow endlessly and zealously, from a sensational, cinematic opening on different movie-going scenarios (performed by Efrat Aviv and Gal Friedman), to a blind-date using as few words as possible (performed by Tamara Klayngon and Gal Friedman), to a situational skit where a word propels a completely irrelevant new scene (performed Tamara Klayngon, Danny Isserless and Gal Friedman), to a “Sex and the City”-like girl-talk scene (performed Lotus Etrog, Naama Amit, Efrat Aviv and Tamara Klayngon) using only one word (or sound) per line.

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