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The 2015 New York International Fringe Festival begins Friday, August 14th and plays at various venues across lower Manhattan through August 30th. At $18 per ticket, you can check out new productions from all over the world, 200 shows in all! Theatre Is Easy ( will be reviewing EVERY show in the festival, and My Fave Places will be featuring the Best Bets of the bunch. Here are some that we're all extra excited about. For complete information about FringeNYC visit Check back to MyFavePlaces for FringeNYC Best Bets. And visit for full coverage of this year's fest.



Writer: Lisa Lewis  Director: James Kautz

The cast of SCHOOLED: Quentin Maré, Stephen Friedrich, and Lilli Stein. Photo by Darren Cox.

The cast of SCHOOLED: Quentin Maré, Stephen Friedrich, and Lilli Stein. Photo by Darren Cox.

From acclaimed storyteller Lisa Lewis comes SCHOOLED, a fiercely funny and gripping new play about privilege, ambition, and the lengths we’ll go to succeed. Two students and their professor find themselves in a taut threesome that tests their relationship and their ethics.

VENUE #15: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios

SAT 15 @ 9  TUE 18 @ 2  THU 20 @ 4:45 +  SUN 23 @ 7  THU 27 @ 4:45  


She Rantulas from Outer Space in 3D!

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Writer: Ruff Yeager & Phil Johnson; Director: Ruff Yeager

It's 1957 Tarrytown, U.S.A. As men disappear and women are gruesomely eliminated, perfect housewife Betty is filled with fear as she wonders why her little Suzie is looking more and more like the Man from Mars. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

VENUE #13: Lynn Redgrave Theater @ Culture Project

FRI 14 @ 7 +  SUN 16 @ 5:15  WED 19 @ 4:15  FRI 21 @ 11:30  SUN 23 @ 7:45  


DEX! A Killer Musical, The unauthorized parody of DEXTER

Writer: Book by Erika Jenko  Music & Lyrics by Joe Schermann

Michael C. Hall reads the script to his series Finale in outrage. To create a new Finale, Michael (Dexter) forces the Executives of The Network by knife to perform all 8 seasons of DEXter in under 2 hours as a musical.  

VENUE #13: Lynn Redgrave Theater @ Culture Project

SUN 16 @ 10  TUE 18 @ 4:15 +  FRI 21 @ 6:45  SAT 22 @ 11:45  SUN 23 @ 5  



photo by Garret Matthew

photo by Garret Matthew

Writer: E. Dale Smith Original Concept Mimi Imfurst  Director: Braden Chapman

Glenn Milstead skyrocketed to stardom as drag queen Divine in John Waters’ cult films. Alone, on the night of his untimely death, the quiet man behind the mascara struggles with his inner demons and his larger-than-life creation, Divine.

VENUE #13: Lynn Redgrave Theater @ Culture Project

SUN 16 @ 7:45 +  THU 20 @ MID  MON 24 @ 7:30  FRI 28 @ 4:45  SAT 29 @ 3  



Lucky Chick Productions

Writer: Felicity Seidel  Director: Padraic Lillis

Guys with guns. HOT! Plucked from the crowd by Bob Weir at a Dead show. CRAZY! On tour with the band: Lear jets, pythons, Hells Angels. WOOHOO! A pissed-off drug-kingpin boyfriend. UH-OH. Buckle up, sweetheart. It's one helluva ride.

VENUE #14: The White Box at 440 Studios

FRI 14 @ 7 +  MON 17 @ 9:30  FRI 21 @ 3:15  SAT 22 @ 5:15  THU 27 @ 3