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Jerry Springer – The Opera

It’s Jerry Springer – The Opera, people. Imagine the most absurd and multiply by 5. Award winning show. A must see.

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The Illusionists—Turn of the Century on Broadway

The Illusionists—Turn of the Century masters the art of magic and enchantment while slyly revealing exactly what’s missing in the average theatre experience: genuine belief.

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Holiday Fun: Peter & the Wolf (with Isaac Mizrahi)

Holiday fun for kids and adults. Watch Isaac Mizrahi!

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Fringe NYC Festival recommendation: Mr. Yunioshi

Mickey Rooney's yellow-face performance in Breakfast at Tiffany's is infamous for its lack of cultural sensitivity. But was there ever a way he could have pulled it off? An Asian actor tries to find out in this one man show. 

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Fringe NYC Festival recommendation: Walken On Sunshine

A fast-paced comedic play about an anxiety ridden filmmaker, Gavin, who in the heat of the moment accidentally lies to investors about having Christopher Walken in his film!

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Fly, You Fools! Tolkein & Jackson Fellowship of the Rings lovers rejoice in comedy.

BOTTOM LINE: Three actors and a foley artist reenact The Fellowship of the Ring in this hilarious, hour-long homage.

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Watch Radiant Vermin shine

A dark comedy examining the lengths we're willing to go to make our dreams a reality.

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Ross & Rachel

Imagine if Ross & Rachel from hit TV show ‪#‎Friends‬ had got married? A bittersweet play explores the what if's.

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The Michael Show

BOTTOM LINE: Little sister Amy Virginia Buchanan offers a heart-rending look at growing up in the shadow of an older brother with Down Syndrome.

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Important Hats of the Twentieth Century
Your Love, Our Musical!
My Ass (In the World): A True Story of Love, War, Taliban... and Dirty Lambada-Dancing
The Broccoli Murder, Decaprio Dance, and Other Stories From My 20 Years as a NYC Cop

BOTTOM LINE: A hilarious one-man show starring Mark DeMayo, an ex-NYC detective-turned-comedian whose candid storytelling is engaging from start to finish.

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Fringe Festival NYC 2015 on My Fave Places!
Odd Birdz
Hold On To Your Butts