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Paintbox, New York City

by Alexa Grant

Paintbox 17 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013

Paintbox Nail Salon

A 1500 square foot SoHo loft is home to one of New York’s hottest nail art salons. Paintbox was conceived by former beauty editor Eleanor Langston with the idea of offering clients well curated choices for their manicures. Unlike most salons with a dauntingly huge wall of nail color to choose from, Paintbox's team has put together a signature menu of seasonal and trend-appropriate designs with curated color options.

Each season's menu of 50 colors and about 22 designs are chosen by Langston and her team of manicurists. Designs are given catchy and delightfully pun-driven names like "Glisten Up", "Tilt-A-Swirl" and "Cut It Out". Paintbox’s creative director and celebrity/runway manicurist, Julie Kandalec, trains the team to execute all the designs with utmost focus and precision – all within a single hour. Designs range from clean and modern to sophisticatedly forward.

What would a fantastic manicure be if you were the only one able to gawk at it? After one of their signature manicures clients are escorted to the Paintbox "mani-cam" where an Instagram-ready shot is taken of each mani in all its flawless glory..

From the curated design menu to talented manicurists through to the "mani-cam", the experience at Paintbox is thoughtfully considered from every angle. A must for anyone’s beauty to-do list!

all images courtesy of Paintbox

 The Point Break Mani at Paintbox

The Point Break Mani at Paintbox

the dot-dot-dot mani at Paintbox

The serene lounge at Paintbox

This writer's Mani-cam moment