5000 Credit Monthly Plan

5000 Credit Monthly Plan

50.00 every month

Billed $50.00 on a monthly schedule. Includes 5000 SMS credits per month.

  • No Setup Fee

  • Free Incoming Messages

How many messages will you send per month?

  • 1 SMS costs 1 Credit to Send

  • 1 MMS costs 3 Credits to Send

E.g. Sending 600 SMS messages to subscribed customers = 600 credits; Sending 300 MMS messages to subscribed customers = 900 credits

  • Free Unlimited Keywords

  • Free Unlimited Contacts

  • Cancel Anytime

  • Available U.S. customers only. Canadian inquiries, please let us know here.

  • More questions? See our SMS FAQ

Generous and affordable plan, great for small businesses with active client base!

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Sales tax applied where required.

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