Retailers - You’re Leaving Thousands of Dollars at the Door by not Utilizing this Proven Marketing System

There have been very few inventions that have changed the course of history as we know it.

Johannes Gutenberg would come home from his job as a goldsmith and spend his nights endlessly toiling at his idea…

After years of labor, his creation was complete- the printing press. Before this, businesses and publishers were forced to write every flyer, book and newspaper by hand.

The printing press, radio, TV and internet all streamline communication, thus becoming goldmines for business owners and salesmen alike.

You see, communication is how the world evolves, but we are slow to change.

At first, we rejected the printing press in favor of hand written books and letters.

Radio stations laughed at the TV shortly before going out of business.

Now, TV is dying, as millions of advertisers flock to the internet.

But what if I told you, there’s even a better way for businesses to acquire and retain customers…



The Power of SMS Marketing

If you own a bar, restaurant, hotel, salon, retail shop, or any other establishment that sells products or services, then this is for you.

For a fraction of the cost of online ads, My Fave Place’s SMS service allows you to instantly contact thousands of your customers at once- Alerting them to time sensitive deals and discounts.

See for yourself by texting "BESTCOFFEE" to 555888.

Never have a slow day again.

Savannah runs a coffee shop in Asheville, North Carolina. This Tuesday happens to be a slow day. She pulls opens her SMS mobile app, and with the click of a button, sends a time sensitive offer to a compiled list of 1200 customers.

“Need a pick me up to finish off the day? Stop by Savannah’s Cafe, show this SMS offer & grab a free pastry with the purchase of any hot coffee! Hurry, offer ends at 5pm today.”

Within the hour, the line is out the door. Chatter fills the shop as each patron savors the crunchiness of their free pastry while sipping on a toasty, sweet cup of joe.

Imagine the revenue this will bring in. You may be doing well, but we all have those not so stellar days. And those days are what separate the good from the great…

For such a small amount of money, you can potentially double or even triple your sales.

My Fave Place uses the industry leader SimpleTexting platform and pass on the savings to you.

Here are what some customers have to say about it.

“Mailing information has such a high cost and very low return... the only other way we can reach people is on their phones. So we text them—discounts, hours of operation, important updates, etc. It works great!”

Jillian P.
NuSpecies Corporation

“We use the texting feature to link our real estate signs to our website. Now, home buyers have instant access to photos of the home they’re interested in.”

Josh B.
RE/MAX Town & Country

Choose a Monthly or Annual plan

Get up to $225 DISCOUNT when you sign up to an annual plan today! We offer the most affordable text plans in the marketplace.

Offer expires Feb 15, 2018!

Annual Plans

Monthly Plans


Why Use My Fave Place SMS?

Boost Your Sales- Our service allows you to instantly connect with tens, hundreds and even thousands of customers at once. Whether you’re having a slow day or just want to communicate a discount, texting an offer will get customers to your door faster than anything else.

Affordable- Our prices are some of the lowest in the market. To do this we have to lose out on some profit, but it’s worth it to us. We understand that you may be strapped for cash. We want this to be accessible to ALL business owners- big or small.


Ease of Use- You can text offers drom your mobile, in-store! We’ll lend a hand to you every step of the way. Our support team will guide you through the whole process. Ensuring you’re primed to jumpstart your sales with affordable SMS marketing. The user friendly interface of our mobile app lets you quickly and efficiently send out offers as you see fit.


Cancel Anytime*- We only charge you for what you use. If you try us out for a week and decide it isn’t for you, we’ll refund you of your remaining balance- No questions asked! You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


No SMS Subscribers, No Problem

Sample in-store poster to invite your customers to signup for your SMS offers. Just tell us your keyword and offer. Add your own logo. We’ll print and ship for free!

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just throw you out to the sharks, leaving you to your own devices in building your list.

We are the ONLY SMS service to offer a FREE Personalized In-Store Poster to help get you started. This poster will visibly display your offer and sign up code in your store. Place it near the register and from day one you’ll be able to collect subscribers passively! You can read other customer sign up suggestions in our FAQ’s too

Just tell us your keyword and customer offer at checkout under additional info to receive your personalized poster completely free. We’ll add your logo, print and send. Yes, for free.

How The Plan Works

Subscribe to our monthly plan for 1000, 5000, or 15,000 credits per month. Or take advantage of discounts on our pre-paid annual plans (best offer).

  • Each Credit= 1 SMS Text or 3 MMS Text (A message over 160 characters)

Please note, the service is available U.S. customers only. Canadian inquiries, please let us know here.

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* As long as your SMS with My Fave Places account has not been closed due to a breach of Compliance, SMS Usage Policy or SMS Terms & Conditions, we will happily refund any remaining account balances.

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