SMS Message Samples

Not sure where to start with text messaging? Here are some promotional SMS messages you can use for inspiration.

Pro tip: Always include your business name into every message

Mobile coupons

Encourage repeat customers and invite new ones with text coupons.

“Daily Sunset Diner Coupon at [store name]– Present this text for 1 FREE COFFEE or TEA with any purchase.”

Weather specials & Store updates

Take advantage of the weather to offer seasonal products or let them know if your business is impacted by the extreme events.

“It’s hot outside, but at [store name] we’ve got ice cold matcha lattes, get one between 2-4pm TODAY and you’ll get $1 off your matcha latte order.”

“Whoa what a storm last night! The team got snowed in, so [store name] won’t be opening today. But we’ll be back tomorrow!”

Appointment reminders

“Confirming your appointment with Dr Mithra today at 3pm.”

Holiday Season messages

“Thanksgiving – time for you to shine! Show this message to your [Company Name] hairdresser tomorrow and receive a 10% discount for the haircut you love.”

“You’ve received a special gift from Santa Claus. Bring this message to [store name] before [date] to get your free gift while supplies last.”

“Merry Christmas, John! Enjoy a surprise discount on your last-minute shopping. Find out what you can save here: [link to your site].”

Limited-time discounts

Send time-sensitive discounts to drive traffic and speed up slowdowns.

“Joe’s Pizza – Offer good only before 6pm: Buy 2 slices of any pizza, get a FREE MEDIUM DRINK!”

Service Updates

“Hi it’s Harry’s Leather Repairs. Your shoes are ready for pick up.”

Weekly specials

Keep guests up to date with your chef’s weekly specials.

“Italiano’s Weekly Chef Special: Bistecca Gorgonzola – Premium filet topped w/ blue cheese sauce, grilled onions & asparagus.”


Notify your customers about special events and musical guests.

“Tommy’s Irish Pub & Grill – Come down for some traditional Celtic music at Tommy’s! Boys of Eire – This Friday only 6-9pm!”

Important tips

  • Write Clear Messages

  • Use Call-to-Action Buttons in the SMS: “Show this text” (to receive a discount), “Click here” and “Buy now.”  The SMS app can shorten your urls.

  • Know Your Customer: Create lists inside the SMS that reflect customer behaviours and demgraphics and send them even better targeted messages, that will appeal them.

Want more ideas?

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