How to build your list of SMS customers?

1. Reserve your unique Keyword., then advertise it + short code

  • We'll get you set up on the SimpleTexting platform and supply the short code and. Share this keyword & short code with the world. Imagine a message like "Text DEALS to 123456 to get monthly coupons" or "Text DRINK to get $1 off your order today!" on your in-store signs, website, store receipts and email signatures.

  • You can print your own signs or use our template with your unique keyword.

  • If you have a customer list already with mobile numbers, you can upload these into the SimpleTexting platform.

By engaging your customers to sign up with an instant offer they can redeem, such as a free drink or discount if they sign immediately, You'll pretty soon you'll have a big, opted-in list.

2. Send promotions, reminders & notifications

 You have the option to ask customers for additional information such as their name when setting up.

You have the option to ask customers for additional information such as their name when setting up.

Send your first message in minutes. Customers that text your keyword will automatically become subscribers. 

Consider what kind of message will work best for your audience? Will it be a coupon, an event notification, or a reminder? 

Texting works for any kind of message that you want opened fast!



Please note, My Fave Places and SimpleTexting do not support spamming, phishing or malicious practices and accounts that breach these will be closed.


Is there a dashboard and place I can see my customers who've sign up?

Yes, you can see your subscribed (and unsubscribed) SMS customers, create campaigns and track your progress on a simple dashboard. Please note connecting your accounts to the Facebook & Twitter accounts within the SimpleTexting platform is not supported as the service is shared. We recommend request that posts be done manually directly on your Facebook & Twitter channels. 

Are my customer lists private?

Only authorized users from your company, My Fave Places (who manages the account) and SimpleTexting (who manage the platform and to provide tech support) can see the list of customer names. You will control the messages that are sent to customers.

How many texts should I be sending? 

Every business is different, but we recommend one a week

What happens at the end of the pilot?

You will be asked to provide feedback, so we can improve the service.

You will have the option to move onto the affordable paid plan (with the first month of the paid plan discounted to pilot users). If you choose not to move to the paid plan or do not notify us of your intentions by the end of the monthly pilot, access to the SMS service will be closed.

Why are there a different keywords for Android and iPhone users?

The SMS platform supports both deices, so you will not miss any customers! My Fave Places is planning an additional in-app promotion service for businesses, but the mobile app is presently only available in iOS version and we'd like to be able to identify these users.

My business doesn't operate in the USA

SimpleTexting can only support businesses that utilize major US (and Canadian) mobile carriers. If you are Canadian business wishing to apply, please fill out the application and note your address.

Is the pilot really free?


So What Happens Now?

After submitting you applicaton, we'll notify you on the status of your application via email. If successful, start to build your list of SMS customers.

If approved, we'll contact you to get you set up on the SMS platform and send you the access details. 

Watch the training videos & check out the guides. There's support within the platform too.

Create in-store signage for customers to sign up or you can use our template (below).