SMS by MFP Pilot 


My Fave Places has partnered with to give a select group of retail businesses a chance to pilot this service free for one month. Best of all - no coding required.


Why SMS?

  • Research shows that over 90% of marketing texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt. For perspective, the open rate of marketing emails is 10%)

  • SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to drive traffic and increase revenue immediately.

  • Texting helps you stay visible, ensures that your offers connect with customers, driving higher sales. Reach out to your customers with discounts, promotions, and in-store events.

  • The next generation of retailers will leave behind those that don’t use basic SMS marketing.


We are creating an affordable platform for small to medium businesses to access the power of SMS marketing, without paying full retail rates. We've got more planned, but this is our first step and we'd love your help to help pilot the service.

How Do I Get My Business included?


Step 1: Apply to Pilot 

Complete the application form.

You agree to abide by and accept Simple Texting's Terms and Conditions &  Usage Policy. and Compliance 101. 

While there's no coding at all, we're looking for businesses that are comfortable with social and logging onto online platforms. 


Step 2: On-boarding

If approved, we'll contact you to get you set up on the SMS platform and send you the access details. 

Watch the training videos & check out the guides. There's support within the platform too.

Create in-store signage for customers to sign up or you can use our template (below).


Step 3: Start SMS Pilot

Promote it - Tell your customers your unique keyword & short code & get them to sign up so they can start hearing from you. How?

  1. Place a poster or sign at the register

  2. Web site message

  3. Post on your social pages

  4. Add to email newsletter

  5. Print at bottom of sales receipts

  6. Don't forget to tell your staff.