Rachel Comey New York Flagship Store

by Alexa Grant

Rachel Comey 95 Crosby Street, New York NY 10022

Rachel Comey Flagship at 95 Crosby Street, NYC

Tucked away from busy SoHo on the cobbled streets of Crosby Street is Rachel Comey’s long awaited flagship store. The New York based cool-girl brand has had a cult following for over 10 years with her artful and playful fashion full of bold prints and textures.

Spring comes to Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey’s store is worth the trip if not just for the clothes then for the space. In a collaborative effort, Rachel Comey, architect Elizabeth Roberts and interior designer Charles De Lisle turned the former mechanic's garage into a space that boasts both warm minimalism and a relaxed rich atmosphere. The center shoe display is made of stones collected from a local beach, concrete and pumice stones sourced from the facility where Rachel Comey denim is stone washed. Clothes hang from custom brushed brass racks while accessories populate the recessed vignettes throughout the store. A true gem of New York City!

Spacious Interior designed by Architect Elizabeth Roberts and Interior Designer Charles de Lisle

Signature Footwear at Rachel Comey


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