People are losing their ever-lovin’ minds over NYC’s Dō – where raw cookie dough has become a near-religious experience.

By Michael Mackie

DŌ - Cookie Dough Confections, LaGuardia Place, NYC

It all sounds like a skit from SNL’s Stefon … “New York’s hottest new confectionery is D ō  in Greenwich Village -- where you’ll find heaps of raw cookie dough and a line of famished NYU college students and touristy lookiloos huffing sprinkles. Even better? It’s NYC’s newest fixation and best-kept/worst-kept secret … with a mandatory wait to get in the dō(or).”

From the minute the shop opened and unleashed their Dō-licious wares in late January 2017, it’s been a lesson in patience. Who knew cookie dough would be all the rage? You can thank owner Kristen Tomlan for knowing when to strike when the iron was hot … er, the dough was unbaked. Tomlan is a self-proclaimed designer and dessert-lover turned pastry chef and entrepreneur. Her boutique, Dō - Cookie Dough Confections, is a boutique specializing in small batches of – you guessed it -- gourmet edible, bakeable, customizable cookie dough. (Not surprisingly there are also gluten-free, grain-free and vegan options – because, of course, there are.)

Founder and owner of DŌ - Cookie Dough Confections: Kristen Tomlan

Founder and owner of DŌ - Cookie Dough Confections: Kristen Tomlan

Tomlan says the outpouring of love from New Yorkers isn’t surprising nor is the endless clamoring for the raw stuff. As she told the NYPost, “There’s something nostalgic about it,” she says. “I always thought it could be the next big thing.”

And – like we mentioned – there’s always a wait. How insane is it? Insane enough the website ( put a dō’s and dōn’ts policy page on their website: “Thank you for your patience and your understanding as we figure out all this craziness in real-time. Our line typically starts forming well in advance of opening. Expect to stand in line for 1- 4 hours, depending on the day/time.”

Opening day line which has grown even longer and goes across the road. Bring reading material.

Opening day line which has grown even longer and goes across the road. Bring reading material.

Why is everyone obsessed? This ain’t your gramma’s raw cookie dough. Dō uses a special pasteurized egg product and heat-treated flour, which means it’s perfectly safe to eat. Keep it in your ‘fridge for three weeks or your freezer for three months – although it’s usually gone in three bites (give or take your gluttony).

The folks at Dō seem pleasantly overwhelmed at all the love. On the day stopped by, everyone had a smile on their face. (It was still early in the day, mind you.) When inside – make wise choices, grasshopper. Each customer is only allowed to purchase four items – and with over 15 types of dough from which to choose, decisions can be agonizing. "Bring your besties," said customer Aurora Smart. "That way everybody can order a little bit of everything. I'd hate to feel like I missed a flavor."

The hardest part is not the wait but the choosing of flavors.

The hardest part is not the wait but the choosing of flavors.

May we suggest one of the classics? Dō’s signature line of sweet treat includes staples like Signature Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookie. From the combo category, Fluffernutter is a Dō-no-brainer. Peanut butter + dark chocolate chips + marshmallow fluff … hello? And Heavenly is bound to push any mere mortal into state of diabetic catatonia. It’s sugar cookie dough + Nutella + chocolate chips + caramel bits + sea salt. And make sure you save room for one of their varying seasonal flavors.

When they first opened, the young crew at Dō would overnight their product to your doorstep. That lasted about ten minutes. They were quickly overwhelmed with a barrage of online orders and now shipping has been discontinued. Want Dō’s dough? Then plan on making a pilgrimage to NYC to enjoy. (FYI – they’ve been known to sell out towards the end of the day. Their most popular flavor? Cake Batter.)

For a city that rarely obsesses over anything new for very long, Dō - Cookie Dough Confections has become Mecca in NYC. 

Dō - Cookie Dough Confections, 550 LaGuardia Place New York, NY 10012

b/t Bleecker St & 3rd St Greenwich Village. Closed Mondays. Opens at 10am the rest of the week.


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