Set up a verified business  

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Benefit of having a Verified Profile?

Verified Profiles belong to groups of organizations and prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with audiences who are seeking to ensure they are viewing content listed by the authorized owners of the account. Verified Profiles have a small blue check mark beside their name.

There is no charge for the verification service.

How can I apply?

  1. Complete the application form below. MFP will verify the details and confirm outcome. If successful, we will provide conditional approval via email.
  2. Complete the second step by mail to MFP:
  • an image to use for your business profile, a short profile bio (140 characters), company URL and;
  • listings of name of business and address listings (up to 50) you would like MFP to save with your business profile. Option to add short notes. These can be supplied in a spreadsheet or Word document.


  • You already have a profile set up in the the MFP app.
  • This service is for the My Fave Places app only and is not supported on
  • MFP is presently only available on Apple iPhones. Android versions will be available in future.
  • The Business or your Profile you wish to have verified is lawful and in good standing. Approval for verification is at the discretion of My Fave Places and decisions are final.
  • You use of the service will comply with Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of My Fave Places.

Complete form to request a verified listing

This name will be the name of your business, organization or public profile inside the MFP app.
Check here if this is a company or brand or organization account.
Name of Requestor *
Name of Requestor
Provide contact details of a person authorized to receive a verification notification on behalf of your business.
Your role in the organization or if you are the profile owner
Tell us why this account should be verified. Limit 500 characters.
Please provide links to at least two websites that will help us identify this user. choose sites that help express the account holder’s newsworthiness or relevancy in their field.
Requesting to verify your account: - This is a company/brand/organization account. - These websites confirm the identity of this user: - Why this account should be verified: