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MFP | Bye 2018, Hola 2019! πŸŽ‰

Cathay Pacific blunder brings a Happy New Year to Many; 83 Things That Blew Our Minds in 2018; Dry January 2019; Luxury + Glaciers can go together; An Alabama Dessert Chef Hit the Big Time. Happy New Year.

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MFP | Vintage TWA Jet to Become Glam Cocktail Lounge at JFK 🍸✈; & A Woman Spent Β£16 Million in Harrods 😱 πŸ’·

Daniel Radcliffe tries a restaurant review job; Get the comfiest neck rests; & Kayak's flight hack to book cheaper flights

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MFP | Get Paid To Travel The World & Drink Gin🍸; Boise Brews Beer From Recycled Water 🍻; 5 Best Cheese Shops in Paris; Eat Cheap(er) at NYC’s Finest 🍴

Coachella festival crew open burger place in Koreatown,  LA; Would you drink beer made from recycled water? Words to decode a French restaurant menu

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