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MFP | Where To Find Some Of The Best Street Art in Melbourne, AUS

Plus: see a shark ‘leap’ at a boy (the boy is ok); Fab Frida Kahlo exhibition in Mexico; The secret behind airport runway designs; and try Uptime Energy drink in a social collaboration.

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MFP | New Uber Rewards & Stumped for Holiday Season Activities? Enchanting Ideas Inside (Hello Milwaukee! 🎇)

Another Snake on a Plane?  Sarah Jessica Parker on Mickey Mouse and her fave NYC bookstore.

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MFP | 50 cheapest Michelin-starred Meals in the World; October Openings (including a Crystallized Ferrari); & An Island Where Men are Banned

Tips for cheaper travel swaps in place of expensive hotspots like Paris; London Restaurants List; & It's Space Week, see where NASA has been.

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