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MFP Weekender

Best speakeasies USA

Best speakeasies USA

This week’s roundup of amazing places & news around the world. Read them all here.

Full list of articles:

  • Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows To Confuse Pedestrians, And It Will Mess With Your Head

  • AirPods infiltrate famous works of art

  • Giggle Water! Hooch! Bathtub Gin! Get an American Speakeasy Experience at These 13 Juice Joints (Bars)

  • American Museum of Natural History Brings Visitors Closer to T. Rex with New Virtual Reality Experience

  • 50 Found Snaps That Capture Everyday Life of Poland in the Early 1970s

  • Behold: The Most Expensive Car in History

  • Best Of Havana: Things To Do In Cuba’s Capital City

Watch your step!

Watch your step!