MFP | Breakdance Your Way to the Paris Olympics (yes you can)

This week’s roundup of amazing places & news around the world. Read them all here.

Full list of articles:

  • Prince Nikolai of Denmark Models Dior for Vogue Ukraine Man Cover Story

  • Skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and breakdancing are in line to be Olympic events when the Games hit Paris in 2024.

  • The secretive German family behind the company that owns Panera Bread, Krispy Kreme, and Pret a Manger is donating more than $11 million after the discovery of its Nazi past

  • Baselworld 2019 Vlog

  • 13 Companies with the Best Travel Perks and Incentives 

  • Travel the world like… influencer Alex Gillespie

  • The Only Wine You’ll Ever Have to Take on Your Adventures

  • Unique Accomodation | Quirky Places to Stay around the world

  • House music in Pakistan? Meet the innovators cranking up the volume

  • When the lights go out: Inside Iraq’s surprising nightlife boom

  • 'It will rock your house!' Inside the Iranian electronic underground

  • What it is like to spend a night at the cheapest hotel in Manhattan? Find out what $45 a night will get you!

Travel the world like… influencer Alex Gillespie.

Travel the world like… influencer Alex Gillespie.