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MFP | Taco Bell hotel Reservations Sell out in Minutes

A ‘taco’ hotel; Top Persian Restaurants in SoCal; NYC Independent Bookstores; & How to Survive an Alligator Attack!

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MFP | Where to Get Steamy in The Snow; or Sleep In A Boeing 747 Hotel Room ✈

Snow fun ideas; Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie under threat; New York Fashion Week; Top Winter Vacation Spots For Couples and more this week.

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MFP | Affordable Private Jets, Camels disqualified in Beauty Pageant for Botox; Millennial Travelers say no to Airbnb; LA Freebie & Paris gets Twisted

Taking a Private Jet Could Be More Affordable Than You Think;  Free Museums in LA this weekend. High stakes in Beauty Pageant for camels;  & more

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