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MFP | Get Paid To Travel The World & Drink Gin🍸; Boise Brews Beer From Recycled Water 🍻; 5 Best Cheese Shops in Paris; Eat Cheap(er) at NYC’s Finest 🍴

Coachella festival crew open burger place in Koreatown,  LA; Would you drink beer made from recycled water? Words to decode a French restaurant menu

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MFP | Hong Kong's Skyline Factors In Flying Dragons; A Stunning Hotel with No Walls or Roof; 50 Beautiful Bucket List Trips; & MFP Farewell's Steve 😔

Plus -11 great reasons to visit British Columbia., & a final taste of Anthony Bourdain and his favorite places

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MFP | Bowie Comes Home; 10 TV & Film Inspired Bars; 10 New Fitness Studios in LA; Glorious Abandoned Italian Villas; and Jerry Springer Comes Home too

Latest hot fitness spots in LA; The hit 'Jerry Springer - The Opera' makes it to NYC; David Bowie in BK; Top TV/Film bars; Restore your own gorgeous Italian villa. Read the Weekender here.

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MFP | Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Airfares; Day Trips to Antarctica Now Available; Gorgeous Photography Spots in S. Iceland & Unique Naked Tables

How to Tell If You're Getting Ripped Off on Airfare, Otherworldly locations to shoot in Southern Iceland and build naked tables with the same artisans whose works US Presidents gave as official gifts. Plus more. Read all the Weekender articles here.

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MFP | Want to Workout in the Nude? A Secret Entrance to Machu Picchu; Best Drone Photography Winners & Euro cities to Visit in the Winter

Would you get buffalicious in the buff? A secret entrance to Machu Picchu that only the most foolhardy would try; and drone photography award winners and more.  

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MFP | 11 Holiday Foods Fitness Experts Avoid; Dublin Makes ‘Places to Visit in 2018’ List; Grownup Backpacking; NY Quickies & Seasonal Suggestions

Breathtaking but hard to get to places; Irish capital in annual guide; Nosh spots in NY; 'tis the season to overindulge. How to spend NYE in Sydney or Brooklyn? Read the articles here.

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MFP | Singapore's passport is #1, New Tech to Preview Your Plane Seat; Perth AUS shakes off its Wild West Rep; Israel’s Luxury Hotels; Travel Deals

New seat selection app does virtual reality - before you get on the plane - Travel + Leisure previews App in the Air; The Points Guy finds luxury hotel alternatives to kibbutz when visiting Israel; Perth's AUS new sophisticated scenes for travelers and Singapore's new powerful passport world ranking (and who slid backwards). Read more here.

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MFP | Self-serve taprooms in Chicago; Latest Biz hotel perks; Seattle's Sky Needle gets Fresh, Iggy Pop @ Desert Daze & Get inside a giant diamond

 Navigator Taproom co-owner Erik Swanson pours a beer. (Dev Photography / Handout)

Navigator Taproom co-owner Erik Swanson pours a beer. (Dev Photography / Handout)

Afar Media has rounded up the latest the latest biz hotel perks for you; Chicago now has 3 self-serve taprooms (wine & beer) at your disposal (cheers!); Seattle's Space Needle is now 55 years old with a $100M makeover planned. A slightly older but ever cool Iggy Pop is performing Desert Daze soon (Joshua Tree, CA) and a incredible diamond room by @XEX Interactive in Shanghai. Read the articles here.

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MFP | Cool, Cult or Kitsch? The Roundup from Cali, Carmel, Croatia to Burning Man & Abu Dhabi

Is Seward Johnson the Norman Rockwell of Sculpture? Seems like he's a hit in Carmel IN. The Louvre's glorious new venue; California has some awesome global events & Croatian waterfalls