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MFP | Dating App Bumble Is Opening Up a Cafe & Wine Bar 🍸🍷

Tighter restriction on US travel to Cuba; World Pride is coming to NYC! See a pizza ‘hero’ in action Where to eat in Tokyo, Bumble Dating app launches a real bar for dates to meet; and Anthony Bourdain still inspires.

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MFP | Breakdance Your Way to the Paris Olympics (yes you can)

Krispy Kreme's Nazi Past; What $45 p/n in NYC's cheapest hotel is like; Wine in a can; Prince Nikolai of Denmark models for Vogue.

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MFP | A Valentine's Day For Everyone; & Who Was Best in Show? 🐩

Scotland's rain = future whiskey...where to be ‘intoxicated’. Free dive in these haunting beautiful locations (video)

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