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MFP | An AI Lion in Trafalgar Square & Airport Lounge that's on a Beach!

12 Weirdest Fall Fests; Marijuana Medicated Lobsters ('rolls'); & an AI Lion in Trafalgar Square. Plus Cathay Pacific's humorous livery blunder; Building under a sand dune; and 15 finalists for funny wildlife photography.

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MFP | This Famous Temple Now Has the Most Incredible Colorful Staircase! 🌈

Plus: Where to eat/drink during NY Fashion Week; NFL kicks off ; Prefer Southern Lights over Northern Lights? 10 Best Airlines for Drinking; SoCal's weekend of music; Wizard of Oz stolen ruby slippers come home; & this famous temple now has the most incredible colorful staircase!

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MFP | 20 Hour Non-Stop Flights Announced ✈; Yosetime's El Capitan Scaled like Spiderman; 5 Singapore Fun Facts That ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Fans Will Like

Minimize roaming SIM card bill blues, Burning Man; 11 hotels made for Instagram, Cuban Palador Cooking; & Mozart's Amadeus did not sound like this! 🎼🙈

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MFP| Tiffany's 5th Ave is closing! (kinda) 💍; Waterfall Powered Beer on Tap Could Be Yours; Bollywood's ❤ affair with Switzerland; Best New US dining

Beer giant Carlsberg creates cutest cabin in the woods for you; 24 hrs in Dubai's golden desert; 10 top new eateries; Why NYC Tiffany's is shuttering,,

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MFP | Hong Kong's Skyline Factors In Flying Dragons; A Stunning Hotel with No Walls or Roof; 50 Beautiful Bucket List Trips; & MFP Farewell's Steve 😔

Plus -11 great reasons to visit British Columbia., & a final taste of Anthony Bourdain and his favorite places

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MFP | Feel Wicked in Italy; Get Crafty with Beer in the US; See Critics Pick 'Trainspotting' the film Live; & 8 Museums for people who.. hate Museums😉

Plus, the world's deepest hotel takes shape in Shanghai, 15 surprising cool places on Staten Island, and fabulous crime novels inspire this tour of Italy  6 US cities that are great for craft beer and 8 Museums for people who.. hate Museums and 15 must see attractions on Staten Island.

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MFP | Wes Anderson Moonlights as a Museum Curator

Wes Anderson Moonlights as a Museum Curator in Vienna; A Robot to De-stress Your Air Travel; Where Celebrities Vacay in '18; NY Dining with Skyscraper View

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MFP | Planning a trip? We've got the destinations

Cali Food Spots Beating NY; How To Seriously Up Your Grill + Camp Game; Top Travel Influencers 5 Top Luxe Spots; Oz Best Pie Winner; 52 Best Running Shoes & Top Tracks for Summer

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Drink in a Former Pirate Cave in England; Best Al Fresco Dining Places in NYC; Cool BBQ Hack; & Country With the Oldest Wine-making Might Surprise You

 Top places for Al fresco dining in NYC 2018.

Top places for Al fresco dining in NYC 2018.

Plus - a surprising find in the Vatican rewrites trade history; Do you know the old area in the world for making wine? This bar was created with dynamite (literally ); Pssst..want a hack for a REALLY portable BBQ?  All in this week's Weekender.

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MFP | Black Panther's Vibranium Suit in D.C.; 5 Ways To Travel With a Partner; Offbeat Amsterdam; Scenic US Drives; Norway's Midnight Sun

See the 21 famous US attractions are disappointing in real life - oops ; Most scenic drives In All 50 states; Best offbeat Amsterdam activities; & see Black Panther's Vibranium suit! Find out where in this week's MFP Weekender.

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MFP | Cuddle at 33,000 Feet in These Beds; Sun Salute the Gods in Chamonix's Mont Blanc; Musk's big Midwest Win; & MFP presents in San Francisco 🌉

 Now behave...

Now behave...

No hanky panky please 😉. Traveling to Chicago's O'Hare won't be the same in these futuristic pods; Yoga up high, way high;  & the body deconstructed. In this week's MFP Weekender.

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MFP | The B-52's Cindy Wilson's Fave Place; The Desert Wears Prada; Airbus' Heavenly New Business Class; Best US Beaches & a Pilot Offers Program

The B-52's Cindy Wilson's Fave Place; The Desert Wears PradaAirbus' ✈ Heavenly New Business Class; Best US Beaches picked by Hipmunk; Leonard Cohen fans will love this tour; & a business Pilot Offers Program by MFP - find out more. In this week's MFP Weekender.

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MFP | These Llama mama's are fierce; Top 5 Must See in Portugal; Glamping under stars in Canberra ⛺; Healthy Heart Research + of course GDPR

You'll never believe what's guarding these wineries | How Not to Leave Your Wallet (Instead of your ❤) in San Francisco | Luxury camping in Australia.

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MFP | Top 5 Vietnam; De Niro's New Opening; The Wright Stuff; A French Chef Returns his Michelin Star; & Does Coffee Help or Hinder Anxiety? ☕

Why a chef said no to Michelin 👨🥇✋; De Niro & Nobu's latest venture; Frank Lloyd Wright fans it's a Chicago weekend; Your daily cup of Joe & anxiety

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MFP | Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love to Travel; Best Music Fests of '18 🎤; This Sat/Sun - 'Crash' Christie's Art House; & Best Pizzas in Rome 🍕

Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love to Travel; Best Music Fests of '18 🎤; This Sat/Sun - 'Crash' Christie's Art House; New Summer Openings in Miami; & Best Pizzas in Rome 🍕