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MFP | 22 Critics Picks NY Dining; China Tracking to Beat France as #1 Destination 🏆; Stunning Abandoned Hotels; An Ancient Jaipur Palace Transforms to Restaurant

France: China to become the world's No. 1 travel destination by 2030, Critics Picks for New York Dining, Oprah's Favorite Things 2018, An Ancient Jaipur Palace Property is Transformed into a Modern Restaurant, Abandoned Hotels.

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MFP | Jetpack🚀 NINJAS!🥋⚔️🇯🇵; Where to Hang 5 in Kauai; Actress Jay Anstey's Fave Places in South Africa; Is Your Favorite National Park on a Volcano?🌋

This week’s roundup of amazing places & news around the world. Read them all here.

List of articles:

  • Actress Jay Anstey's favourite places

  • Is Your Favorite National Park On This List of Volcano Hot Spots?

  • Jet Pack NINJAS!

  • Surfer Malia Manuel's Guide To Kauai

  • Moose on the loose? What to do

  • Jamaica resorts facing a 'historic' sexual assault problem

  • Scrabble's Space Edition’ Is Designed To Be Played In Zero Gravity

  • The Ferryman (play directed by James Bond director Sam Mendes)

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MFP | First time in 50 years - Lufthansa Taps Inflight Kegs of Beer for Oktoberfest

Would you pay to hike? Wyoming considers $ charges for hikers; new Scottish adventure golf tour; zipline OVER Las Vegas strip; & 11 Best Hotel piano lounges in the World; and Museum of Pizza is coming to Brooklyn

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MFP | An AI Lion in Trafalgar Square & Airport Lounge that's on a Beach!

12 Weirdest Fall Fests; Marijuana Medicated Lobsters ('rolls'); & an AI Lion in Trafalgar Square. Plus Cathay Pacific's humorous livery blunder; Building under a sand dune; and 15 finalists for funny wildlife photography.

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MFP | Get Paid To Travel The World & Drink Gin🍸; Boise Brews Beer From Recycled Water 🍻; 5 Best Cheese Shops in Paris; Eat Cheap(er) at NYC’s Finest 🍴

Coachella festival crew open burger place in Koreatown,  LA; Would you drink beer made from recycled water? Words to decode a French restaurant menu

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MFP| Tiffany's 5th Ave is closing! (kinda) 💍; Waterfall Powered Beer on Tap Could Be Yours; Bollywood's ❤ affair with Switzerland; Best New US dining

Beer giant Carlsberg creates cutest cabin in the woods for you; 24 hrs in Dubai's golden desert; 10 top new eateries; Why NYC Tiffany's is shuttering,,

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MFP | Feel Wicked in Italy; Get Crafty with Beer in the US; See Critics Pick 'Trainspotting' the film Live; & 8 Museums for people who.. hate Museums😉

Plus, the world's deepest hotel takes shape in Shanghai, 15 surprising cool places on Staten Island, and fabulous crime novels inspire this tour of Italy  6 US cities that are great for craft beer and 8 Museums for people who.. hate Museums and 15 must see attractions on Staten Island.

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MFP | These Llama mama's are fierce; Top 5 Must See in Portugal; Glamping under stars in Canberra ⛺; Healthy Heart Research + of course GDPR

You'll never believe what's guarding these wineries | How Not to Leave Your Wallet (Instead of your ❤) in San Francisco | Luxury camping in Australia.

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MFP | Millennial newlyweds ditch honeymoons for ‘many-moons’; Taking Advantage of Airfare Wars; 7 Paris Faves; & Zoo Miami gets Cool 🐯🐧

Millennial newlyweds ditch honeymoons for ‘many-moons’; Taking Advantage of Airfare Wars; 7 Paris Faves; & Zoo Miami gets Cool

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MFP | America's Kitchiest Hotels; 14 Hot New Global Restaurants; U.S. Most Underrated Biking City; Lost luggage? Know your Rights; Clever Animated Art

Kitschy Hotels to Upgrade Your Next Vacation or One of the 14 Hot New Global Restaurants for 2018? Can you tell the difference? Plus do you know which is America’s most underrated biking city? Check out this week's MFP Weekender!

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MFP | Las Vegas hotels trend away from gambling; Super Cool Trailers & Campervans You Can Rent; Change Your Booking Site Country & save $; Ansel Adams turned 116

 With the fully functional, towable campers from Icelandic company Mink, there's no doubt you'll have an unforgettable journey.

With the fully functional, towable campers from Icelandic company Mink, there's no doubt you'll have an unforgettable journey.

Save Money on Travel By Changing Booking Site Country. The Westin replaces its casino floor with restaurant. 10 Cool Trailers and Campervans You Can Rent For Your Next Adventure & Iconic American Photographer Ansel Adams is remembered. Read about it in the MFP Weekender here.

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MFP | Affordable Private Jets, Camels disqualified in Beauty Pageant for Botox; Millennial Travelers say no to Airbnb; LA Freebie & Paris gets Twisted

Taking a Private Jet Could Be More Affordable Than You Think;  Free Museums in LA this weekend. High stakes in Beauty Pageant for camels;  & more

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MFP | Want to Workout in the Nude? A Secret Entrance to Machu Picchu; Best Drone Photography Winners & Euro cities to Visit in the Winter

Would you get buffalicious in the buff? A secret entrance to Machu Picchu that only the most foolhardy would try; and drone photography award winners and more.  

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MFP | Did You Make the List? Top MFP app users for 2017; 'Star Wars' locations that actually exist, New Years resolution? Conquer the world’s most dangerous road and anticipated 2018 Hotel openings

 Luke Skywalker's home for 'Star Wars'. Image: LucasFilm.

Luke Skywalker's home for 'Star Wars'. Image: LucasFilm.

Did you know that "Star Wars" filming locations are just a plane ride away? Check out whwre to find them. From a lodge in the mountains of Rwanda to a historic Parisian landmark that has taken four years to restore, CN Travel has the most exciting openings of 2018. Find out why your passport is colored the way it is and Adventure .com take you down a dangerous road! Read on.

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MFP | Holiday Fun - Visit Gossip Girl Locations in NYC; Try these Xmas Cocktail Ideas; Plan Your Ski or Beach Getaway & Where Do Old Planes go?

Now that Boeing747's are being wound down, ever wondered what happens to these planes after they pass their use by date? Travel + Leisure magazine finds a 'retirement home.' If you loved Gossip Girls series, you'll enjoy reading & discovering the locations around NYC; or simply want to get away - we feature two getaway guides from Men's Journal and The Guardian. Have a great weekend and best wishes to all over this festive season. Read the articles here.