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MFP | 50 cheapest Michelin-starred Meals in the World; October Openings (including a Crystallized Ferrari); & An Island Where Men are Banned

Tips for cheaper travel swaps in place of expensive hotspots like Paris; London Restaurants List; & It's Space Week, see where NASA has been.

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MFP | This Famous Temple Now Has the Most Incredible Colorful Staircase! 🌈

Plus: Where to eat/drink during NY Fashion Week; NFL kicks off ; Prefer Southern Lights over Northern Lights? 10 Best Airlines for Drinking; SoCal's weekend of music; Wizard of Oz stolen ruby slippers come home; & this famous temple now has the most incredible colorful staircase!

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MFP | Get Paid To Travel The World & Drink Gin🍸; Boise Brews Beer From Recycled Water 🍻; 5 Best Cheese Shops in Paris; Eat Cheap(er) at NYC’s Finest 🍴

Coachella festival crew open burger place in Koreatown,  LA; Would you drink beer made from recycled water? Words to decode a French restaurant menu

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MFP| Tiffany's 5th Ave is closing! (kinda) 💍; Waterfall Powered Beer on Tap Could Be Yours; Bollywood's ❤ affair with Switzerland; Best New US dining

Beer giant Carlsberg creates cutest cabin in the woods for you; 24 hrs in Dubai's golden desert; 10 top new eateries; Why NYC Tiffany's is shuttering,,

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MFP | Planning a trip? We've got the destinations

Cali Food Spots Beating NY; How To Seriously Up Your Grill + Camp Game; Top Travel Influencers 5 Top Luxe Spots; Oz Best Pie Winner; 52 Best Running Shoes & Top Tracks for Summer

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Drink in a Former Pirate Cave in England; Best Al Fresco Dining Places in NYC; Cool BBQ Hack; & Country With the Oldest Wine-making Might Surprise You

 Top places for Al fresco dining in NYC 2018.

Top places for Al fresco dining in NYC 2018.

Plus - a surprising find in the Vatican rewrites trade history; Do you know the old area in the world for making wine? This bar was created with dynamite (literally ); Pssst..want a hack for a REALLY portable BBQ?  All in this week's Weekender.

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MFP | Top 5 Vietnam; De Niro's New Opening; The Wright Stuff; A French Chef Returns his Michelin Star; & Does Coffee Help or Hinder Anxiety? ☕

Why a chef said no to Michelin 👨🥇✋; De Niro & Nobu's latest venture; Frank Lloyd Wright fans it's a Chicago weekend; Your daily cup of Joe & anxiety

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MFP | A UK Scarecrow Convention; Liquid-free Ideas to Sail Through Airport Security; Chat bots in Restaurants; & Where to Get Good Ice-Cream in NYC

Scarecrow gathering in the UK. Great photography tips for your travel; 9 Genius travel beauty products for your next holiday. Recent social changes in Saudi Arabia are loosening restrictions meaning more fun; and this weekend why not check out NYC ice creams?

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MFP | Millennial newlyweds ditch honeymoons for ‘many-moons’; Taking Advantage of Airfare Wars; 7 Paris Faves; & Zoo Miami gets Cool 🐯🐧

Millennial newlyweds ditch honeymoons for ‘many-moons’; Taking Advantage of Airfare Wars; 7 Paris Faves; & Zoo Miami gets Cool

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MFP | 50 Major League Ballparks up their Ante on Food Options; World's Best Island Closes; A Town with a Heavy Load; and Cities for Foodies

Boracay Bans Tourists for Six Months; Order Crème Brulee French Toast at Fenway Park; Monsanto, Portugal is the real Boulder City & Eat Cities around the World for Foodies. Check out this week's MFP Weekender!

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MFP | America's Kitchiest Hotels; 14 Hot New Global Restaurants; U.S. Most Underrated Biking City; Lost luggage? Know your Rights; Clever Animated Art

Kitschy Hotels to Upgrade Your Next Vacation or One of the 14 Hot New Global Restaurants for 2018? Can you tell the difference? Plus do you know which is America’s most underrated biking city? Check out this week's MFP Weekender!

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MFP | A Trip Sent Hugh Jackman on an Unexpected Journey; Beautiful Breakfast Bowls; Martha's Vineyards Beaches; Where to Ditch Annoying Bags; & more

Hugh Jackman Reveals His Most 'Life-Changing' Travel Experience: how a trip to Ethiopia inspired a new whole business line for the actor. 6 Best Breakfast Bowls in Melbourne. List of Martha Vineyards Beaches. Luggage have when traveling and cool new Bakery in Istanbul.

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MFP | Bowie Comes Home; 10 TV & Film Inspired Bars; 10 New Fitness Studios in LA; Glorious Abandoned Italian Villas; and Jerry Springer Comes Home too

Latest hot fitness spots in LA; The hit 'Jerry Springer - The Opera' makes it to NYC; David Bowie in BK; Top TV/Film bars; Restore your own gorgeous Italian villa. Read the Weekender here.

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MFP | Shaquille O'Neill joins Carnival Cruise and we dare you to zip line across the Grand Canyon

 Shaq wants you to have fun!!

Shaq wants you to have fun!!

Carnival Cruise Line has a new CFO: Shaquille O'Neal. Yes the legendary National Basketball Association (NBA) Hall of Famer & Turner Network Television, Inc. commentator. BTW, CFO for the company means “Chief Fun Officer." Fairfax Media's Sydney Morning Herald highlights the business challenge of 'frenemies' such as Uber Eats in the restaurant industry that helps volume but eat at profit margins; and USA TODAY reports that you can race your pals above Grand Canyon.  Enjoy this week's MFP Weekender here.