MFP | First time in 50 years - Lufthansa Taps Inflight Kegs of Beer for Oktoberfest

Lufthansa Oktober keg runs are back!

Lufthansa Oktober keg runs are back!

Would you pay to hike? Wyoming considers $ charges for hikers; new Scottish adventure golf tour; zipline OVER Las Vegas strip; & 11 Best Hotel piano lounges in the world 🎹🍷; and aMuseum of Pizza is coming to Brooklyn .

You can read this week’s roundup of articles here.

  • Lufthansa Is Tapping Kegs of Beer on Certain Flights for Oktoberfest

  • Museum Of Pizza Announces Location 

  • Adventure Golf Tour does 9 courses in Seven days on Ten Flights (Scotland and islands)

  • Baffling travel costs go under the microscope 

  • Would You Pay to Hike? Wyoming Considers Charging Hikers 

  • How to take wedding photos that will make people’s jaws drop 

  • The Eleven Best Hotel Piano Lounges in the World