MFP | Top CEO's Fave Places to 'Think Big'; and Paid Turnstile Entry into This Town?

Whre’s Bill Gates’ fve place to think?

Whre’s Bill Gates’ fve place to think?

This week’s roundup of amazing places & news around the world. Read them all here.

List of articles:

  • This Italian Town Has Started Charging People to Enter Its Historic Center

  • Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and 12 More Successful People Reveal their Favourite Places to 'Think Big'

  • China Plans to Build a Deep Sea Base Run Entirely by AI

  • Soon you'll be able to travel from Mumbai To UAE by an underwater train.

  • 3 Stylish Ways to Get Away With Flying in Your Pajamas

  • Christmas Tree Shortage Across US Heading into Holiday Season

  • Is it more environmentally friendly to buy a fake Christmas tree, or a real one?

  • WATCH: What Is a Christmas Pickle and Where Did It Come From?

  • Separated by Trump travel ban, Iranian families reunite at library straddling US-Canada border

  • The Ultimate Guide to Healthy-ish Eats in San Francisco

  • NYC’s 20 Best Splurge Meals

  • Baskin-Robbins unveils next generation shop in California

  • New Uber Rival Lets You Travel In Gold Supercars And Trips Cost As Little As £5