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With online you can find curated recommendations from independent experts for things to do, places to visit, eat, drink as well as buy tickets to concerts, shows and major sporting events. With the free MFP mobile app you can save all you favorite places into the one app whatever and wherever in the world they may be. No longer are you juggling multiple apps to remember all your travel, food, drinks, kids, spa etc. places. Now they are all saved in an elegant clean app design. You can connect and share places with your trusted network of people ad keep places private too. As its only favorite places you avoid any negativity or false reviews, cluttering advertising or gimmicks such as badges that appear in other apps. In future you’ll make reservations and bookings through app, plus lots more cool stuff planned.

We’re early days now but the vision is that MFP will be your A-Z toolkit for recording and managing your lifestyle and connecting with friends and business.

Do you believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur? Do you think that everyone should try?

Not everyone can be a business entrepreneur. There is a particular mind-set, drive, willingness to learn, take risk and self-motivation that’s required plus having strategic vision with a laser-like focus. However, everybody should try to be an entrepreneur at something they love (hobby, volunteer or home skill) and get better at it and perhaps make it better for others too.

How do you keep yourself motivated when you can’t keep going anymore?

I firstly have to like the product (I do). Then I think of what the options are if I stopped. How would I feel? Terrible. While I constantly question if the product or service is worth it and if it is, that keeps me motivated. In this case [MFP] I haven’t found a superior product that meets what I need the core service to do today, nor where I want to take it. Plus if I fast forward to being 80years old and look back would I be happy if I hadn’t tried or just settled for second best. No. That’s not in my DNA.

Someone once said that you can’t tell your big dreams to small minded people. Do you believe that it’s a true statement? Why do you think that people close to us don’t often believe in our dreams / don’t understand what we are trying to accomplish?

Part a) I agree with the statement for a few reasons. People get jealous of people whom they think might succeed. People get competitive. Other times people get scared of change if they think it’s going to impact them or they may worry for the entrepreneur’s wellbeing. Some people just can’t think in terms of big picture. It’s not their style or a frame of reference they are used to working with.

Part b) is for many of the reasons outlined in a). However often it is they can’t believe that the person they think they know so well, has a dream and a destiny that is different from their own.

Why do you think now is the time to be a female entrepreneur? Do you believe that times are changing for the better? Is it harder being a female entrepreneur or do you think it doesn’t really matter?

I think it’s an amazing time to be a female entrepreneur. Probably the best time EVER and we have to keep that going, expand and make it the norm. It is particularly good in the US cities, more than anywhere else in the world. We are lucky here. It gets harder as you move outside of the metro areas of cities like New York, LA etc. and look outside where you have countries where women don’t have equal rights: legally or culturally.

Important points:

Help other women and help the guys who help women. If you are given advice, listen even if you don’t agree, but think about why they feel its important to share.  You still don’t have to agree with it but understand their perspective! Surround yourself with smart motivated people, who are self-driven, seek to better themselves and always act with integrity. Cut the naysayers, they are draining. Your reputation is very important and networks. Constantly learn, read widely and attend events. Be prepared to evolve, seek to get better and in turn become a deeper person. Maintain the internal fire and passion, but take care not to burn those around you with it.