MFP Weekender goes a bit sporty

Lots happening everywhere of course but big news for you is that we now offer sports and a greater choice of major events online ticketing options (Adele anyone?) which extends to Europe and UK events. Yes that means all the those sports acronyms: NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL as well as rugby, tennis, soccer and more.

While US Primaries are almost comedic in themselves, we thought we'd feature some true comedy professionals (think Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld and the Sydney Comedy Festival) who are presently touring, as well as the funny bittersweet The Michael Show. Gallery goers and photography lovers will get a kick out of the latest How to Look at Art video and Secret Agent exhibition. we take a step out of the hustle and bustle into a charming Savannah, Georgia restaurant Alligator Soul.

Finally My Fave Places is going to make an appearance at the huge TECHDAY in New York City this Thursday on April 21. So drop on by the MFP stand and say hi!

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