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MFP | An AI Lion in Trafalgar Square & Airport Lounge that's on a Beach!

12 Weirdest Fall Fests; Marijuana Medicated Lobsters ('rolls'); & an AI Lion in Trafalgar Square. Plus Cathay Pacific's humorous livery blunder; Building under a sand dune; and 15 finalists for funny wildlife photography.

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MFP | This Famous Temple Now Has the Most Incredible Colorful Staircase! 🌈

Plus: Where to eat/drink during NY Fashion Week; NFL kicks off ; Prefer Southern Lights over Northern Lights? 10 Best Airlines for Drinking; SoCal's weekend of music; Wizard of Oz stolen ruby slippers come home; & this famous temple now has the most incredible colorful staircase!

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MFP | 20 Hour Non-Stop Flights Announced ✈; Yosetime's El Capitan Scaled like Spiderman; 5 Singapore Fun Facts That ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Fans Will Like

Minimize roaming SIM card bill blues, Burning Man; 11 hotels made for Instagram, Cuban Palador Cooking; & Mozart's Amadeus did not sound like this! 🎼🙈

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MFP | Get Paid To Travel The World & Drink Gin🍸; Boise Brews Beer From Recycled Water 🍻; 5 Best Cheese Shops in Paris; Eat Cheap(er) at NYC’s Finest 🍴

Coachella festival crew open burger place in Koreatown,  LA; Would you drink beer made from recycled water? Words to decode a French restaurant menu

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MFP| Tiffany's 5th Ave is closing! (kinda) 💍; Waterfall Powered Beer on Tap Could Be Yours; Bollywood's ❤ affair with Switzerland; Best New US dining

Beer giant Carlsberg creates cutest cabin in the woods for you; 24 hrs in Dubai's golden desert; 10 top new eateries; Why NYC Tiffany's is shuttering,,

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MFP | Hong Kong's Skyline Factors In Flying Dragons; A Stunning Hotel with No Walls or Roof; 50 Beautiful Bucket List Trips; & MFP Farewell's Steve 😔

Plus -11 great reasons to visit British Columbia., & a final taste of Anthony Bourdain and his favorite places

Farewell Steve

My Fave Places is saddened to announce today the unexpected passing of one of our advisers, Steve Boltuch. He was only 37.

Steve joined the MFP family four years ago and he was instrumental in getting MFP up and running at Amazon Web Services, where he worked most recently in professional services as a Global Migration Lead. It was through Steve that Ivaylo Valchev joined MFP, and during a critical stage, Steve personally built and set us up at AWS which allowed us to launch and grow. Steve always gave 110%.

We miss already his wicked sense of humor, his technical know-how and his integrity. Steve adored his family and we send our condolences to his wife Analia and his two young boys Jackson and Oliver.

Catherine, Ivaylo, Valio, Chuck and Michael.

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MFP | Feel Wicked in Italy; Get Crafty with Beer in the US; See Critics Pick 'Trainspotting' the film Live; & 8 Museums for people who.. hate Museums😉

Plus, the world's deepest hotel takes shape in Shanghai, 15 surprising cool places on Staten Island, and fabulous crime novels inspire this tour of Italy  6 US cities that are great for craft beer and 8 Museums for people who.. hate Museums and 15 must see attractions on Staten Island.

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MFP | Wes Anderson Moonlights as a Museum Curator

Wes Anderson Moonlights as a Museum Curator in Vienna; A Robot to De-stress Your Air Travel; Where Celebrities Vacay in '18; NY Dining with Skyscraper View

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MFP | Planning a trip? We've got the destinations

Cali Food Spots Beating NY; How To Seriously Up Your Grill + Camp Game; Top Travel Influencers 5 Top Luxe Spots; Oz Best Pie Winner; 52 Best Running Shoes & Top Tracks for Summer

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MFP | Summerrrsss onnn.... Best Seafood Shacks, Top Tubing Places & Aperol Spritz Spots 🐠🐚🐙🍹

Plus: Great Travel deals to Asia, Stunning Winners of 2018 Photography & The Place to Stay & Play in Spain's Maspalomas. Read the articles in this week’s Weekender.

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Drink in a Former Pirate Cave in England; Best Al Fresco Dining Places in NYC; Cool BBQ Hack; & Country With the Oldest Wine-making Might Surprise You

 Top places for Al fresco dining in NYC 2018.

Top places for Al fresco dining in NYC 2018.

Plus - a surprising find in the Vatican rewrites trade history; Do you know the old area in the world for making wine? This bar was created with dynamite (literally ); Pssst..want a hack for a REALLY portable BBQ?  All in this week's Weekender.

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MFP | Black Panther's Vibranium Suit in D.C.; 5 Ways To Travel With a Partner; Offbeat Amsterdam; Scenic US Drives; Norway's Midnight Sun

See the 21 famous US attractions are disappointing in real life - oops ; Most scenic drives In All 50 states; Best offbeat Amsterdam activities; & see Black Panther's Vibranium suit! Find out where in this week's MFP Weekender.

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MFP | Cuddle at 33,000 Feet in These Beds; Sun Salute the Gods in Chamonix's Mont Blanc; Musk's big Midwest Win; & MFP presents in San Francisco 🌉

 Now behave...

Now behave...

No hanky panky please 😉. Traveling to Chicago's O'Hare won't be the same in these futuristic pods; Yoga up high, way high;  & the body deconstructed. In this week's MFP Weekender.

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MFP | The B-52's Cindy Wilson's Fave Place; The Desert Wears Prada; Airbus' Heavenly New Business Class; Best US Beaches & a Pilot Offers Program

The B-52's Cindy Wilson's Fave Place; The Desert Wears PradaAirbus' ✈ Heavenly New Business Class; Best US Beaches picked by Hipmunk; Leonard Cohen fans will love this tour; & a business Pilot Offers Program by MFP - find out more. In this week's MFP Weekender.