My Fave Places – Julian Plyter's Lower East Side

Chef Julian Plyter of Melt bakery

Want to mix in some old school New York with modern, fun cuisine? Head down to the Lower East Side! Julian Plyter, co-owner of Melt Bakery on Orchard Street, tells us how it combines old world culture and food trends that seem new, but really aren’t:

“Think about the 18th century. You get your groceries from the greengrocer, or you get your produce from the greengrocer; you get your poultry from the poultryman; you get your fish from the fishmonger; you get your beef from the beef guy. Granted, it’s not the same thing as getting poultry from the poultry man, getting popcorn from the popcorn man, but I think it raises the bar – the way a rising tide lifts all boats. Somebody that dedicates their life to making popcorn is going to make damned good popcorn.”

Plyter ‘s neighborhood recommendations include Pop KarmaRuss & Daughters CaféMax FishBlack Tree, and Top Hops, along with the Tenement Museum tour. Plus you can shop for tube socks when you feel like you can’t eat another bite!

While you're in the neighborhood don't forget to check out MELT BAKERY – NYC’s first ice cream sandwich store, with ice cream and cookies made daily from scratch. Check out the popular post:


Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich from Melt Bakery

Julian Plyter's Fave Places:

  1. Melt Bakery - 132 Orchard Street
  2. Pop Karma - 95 Orchard Street
  3. Russ & Daughters Café - 127 Orchard Street
  4. Max Fish - 120 Orchard Street
  5. Black Tree - 131 Orchard Street
  6. Top Hops - 94 Orchard Street
  7. The Tenement Museum - 103 Orchard Street

Want some more pics of the delish goods from the Julian himself at Melt Bakery, check out the Facebook post below.

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