Edi & The Wolf

by Devon Walsh

Edi & The Wolf 102 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

Edi & the Wolf (Photo courtesy of  thelistcollective.com )

Edi & the Wolf (Photo courtesy of thelistcollective.com)

In New York City, namely lower Manhattan, where scrumptious eats are all but rampant and prime real estate seems close to extinct, considering one’s favorite restaurant involves more than the meal’s tastiness factor. In Alphabet City a place where space is scarce, and finger licking fare a routine, uniqueness depends more on an eatery’s ambience than it’s fodder.

Photo courtesy of  Amor to the World blog

Photo courtesy of Amor to the World blog

Michelin starred chefs (from their former Seasonal restaurant), Eduard “Edi” Frauneder and Wolfgang “the Wolf” Ban, have managed to create a sylvan bistro with both mouthwatering Austrian staples and an uncommonly languid atmosphere you’ll want to return to over and over. The duo hope to evoke the Austrian “Heuriger,” or wine tavern, where diners are meant to experience Gemutlichkeit, or “a sense of conviviality and cozy intimacy that comes from the temporary surrender of everyday activities.” 

At Edi & The Wolf patrons can surrender as they nosh on Austrian cheeses, an egg-adorned squid ink linguine or schnitzel, among dimly illuminated antique treasures, repurposed barn wood and seemingly overgrown vines that endlessly wind through the dining room. The encounter is augmented with a glass of wine, or two, from the robust European selection. 

Head to Edi & The Wolf if in need of a low-key, romantic evening or a haunt to impress, but not intimidate, your out of town guests. 



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