Banish Clutter and Make Your House a Place to Call Home

Making Home Your Fave Place Again

Guest post by: Jackie Waters |

Image:  Milly Eaton

The gratification that comes from seeing a cluttered and disorganized home turn into a clean and tidy space is right up there with running a mile, finishing yard work, cooking a delicious meal, or losing 10 pounds. You don’t have to be an organizational expert to make your favorite place in the world be accessible. Trying to tackle your whole home or even a whole room can make the process overwhelming and exhausting, but you can make the process fun and rewarding by cleaning spaces or categories systematically. If you’re struggling to make your home your most cherished space, keep reading for ways to make it -- and keep it -- that way.

Tackle the Closets

There’s something about closets that trigger the brain to think that, if we can close the door on all of our stuff, then it’s out of sight and out of mind. Most of us know the feeling of opening our closet doors to retrieve our favorite outfit, only to find that it’s like digging through Mary Poppins’ bag — we’re just not sure what will come out next.

To tackle your closets — and the rest of your home for that matter — start by changing your mindset. If you haven’t used an item in six months to a year, the only question you should be asking yourself is, “Why am I holding on to this?” If it isn’t for highly sentimental reasons, then you should consider one of two options: donate or toss. If you absolutely can’t make a decision, there’s a third option: putting items in storage. Make sure to look for the best deals because the costs of renting a storage unit can add up.

Now that you have a starting place, begin by sorting through your closet. Throw everything into the middle of the room, look at each item, and determine what you will keep, donate, or toss. You’ll want to reserve anywhere from a few hours to a whole day to get this task done, though it really depends on how much stuff you have. Once you’re done determining what is staying, decide what to do with any vertical space, which may include utilizing built-in shelving or hooks. Then organize your clothes on velvet hangers, which creates a clean and space-saving look, and neatly fold other clothes onto the shelves. Afterward, take a break and treat yourself to your favorite snack, a relaxing massage, or a movie.


Defeat the Cabinets and Drawers

Just like with your closets, the cabinets and drawers can hold all your secrets and all your mess. It can be so gratifying to tidy up bathroom cabinets, which is often one of the most difficult rooms in a house to keep clean. Throw away expired, half-used, and/or unloved products, and store them in bins and drawer sets that can be stacked vertically to maximize storage.


Similarly, kitchen drawers and cabinets likely contain out-of-date food (and your guest won’t appreciate year-old Pringles on the table!), unused equipment, and excessive supplies, and they could probably use a deep clean. Once you uncover the last of your hidden clutter, tidying up and cleaning your open spaces will feel like a breeze.

Declutter Open Spaces

Once you tackle hidden spaces in your closets, cabinets, and drawers, move on to the open spaces. After all, these are the areas where you will see, and the ones that can put the most stress on your emotions. Aside from countertops, tables, and other surfaces, you’ll want to target areas you may not readily focus on. For example, the entertainment center can become too cluttered if your TV is perched on a stand. By mounting your TV to the wall, the setup becomes much more attractive and spacious. A professional mounting service will do this job efficiently; keep in mind that it can cost you $173 to $416 if you live in New York.



Conquer the Dust

After you’ve tidied up all spaces from excessive clutter, it’s time to conquer the dirt, dust, and debris. Nooks and crannies within your home not only hide your stuff, but they also hide uncleaned spaces as well. Now is a good time to get a vacuum that has wonderful attachments for those hard-to-reach spaces. You also want it to have great suction and to work on tile floors, wood floors (vacuums specifically made for hardwood floors are available for under $70), and carpets.

At the end of the tidying process, you will not only have a clean home that you can feel proud of, but you will also likely give your purchases a second thought. Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way; at the end of each task, treat yourself to something you love and find relaxing. From now on, tidying up will feel less like a chore and more like the final step in keeping your favorite place at the top of your love-it list!


Photos by Milly Eaton from Pexels