Same Same or Different?

Popular saved places by MFP app users. Do you match?

  1. Starbucks  Millburn  NJ | SAVE PLACE* |  This one is popular!
  2. Birch Coffee   New York  New York | SAVE PLACE*
  3. The Capital Grille  Scottsdale  Arizona | SAVE PLACE*
  4. Souvla  San Francisco  California | SAVE PLACE*
  5. Ottolenghi  Notting Hill UK | SAVE PLACE*
  6. CUMULUS INC.  Melbourne    Victoria | SAVE PLACE*
  7. Balthazar  New York   New York | SAVE PLACE*
  8. The Bar Downstairs  New York | SAVE PLACE*
  9. Kepos Street Kitchen  Redfern  NSW  | SAVE PLACE*
  10. Employees Only  Singapore | SAVE PLACE*

Bonus, guilty pleasure of MFP users :)

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