6 Fave Spots for Hot Chocolate, in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Ed Note. David Behringer of The Two Percent (MFP's New York contemporary art contributor partner) was recently freezing his ---- off in NYC while waiting for the galleries to reopen after their holiday break. He made good use of his time though, by working his way through Manhattan's Lower East Side and compiling this HOT list for HOT chocolate to sip during these very cool days.

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Fresh baked croissants with chocolate cream and hot cocoa on woo

What it is:
New Rule:  When it's below freezing, every The Two Percent gallery tour gets free Hot Chocolate!  But I'm a "finder of the best", so it can't just be ANY random Hot Chocolate. #notstarbucks
So I applied the same method I use to find the best art in the city to locating the best Hot Cocoa.
1. Trust no one.
2. See/taste EVERYTHING.

Here's the ranking so far for the Lower East Side, with links to their websites. For full tasting notes and locations, see map link below.

MAP VIEW with tasting notes if you click on a location and venues that will be tested soon.  This map will continue to be updated.  Suggestions welcome - though all must be within a block of galleries.

MFP's NYC contemporary art reviews are brought to you by our partner The Two Percent. Because 98% of art is boring, so let us save you time and recommend you the best 2% of contemporary art in New York City to see.