How an SMS Marketing Service Works

  1. Sign Up - Businesses start by subscribing and let us know your keyword, so we can set up your account. Can’t think of one? then make your keyword your business name e.g.“DavesCarRepair”.

  2. Promote - Promote your chosen keyword and short code through existing marketing campaigns, social media, websites, storefront or other various platforms. Give your customers an offer to attract them to sign up for SMS offers. E.g. “Get our SMS only offers. Text "BestCoffee" to 555888 for 10% off in-store today. “

  3. Opt-In - People will opt-in by texting the keyword to our shortcode number (555888), which they will then receive an automated response that can be customized by your business. This automatically adds them to your marketing contact list. Start sending offers to your customers. You can create multiple lists of contacts.

  4. Monitor Results - Use the mobile or desktop platform to monitor contact list, delivery rates, open rates and spikes in engagement - this allows you to fine tune future campaigns

  5. Text Away - Continue sending out text messages for events, specials or reminders and watch your business take off!

Are you the most affordable SMS Marketing provider?

We think we are. Through our ‘Powered by MFP’ account we give you access to the core text features of a SMS marketing platform which is what a small business needs - with a generous credit and generous keyword count - all at a much lower price than opening accounts directly with any other SMS vendor. Plus we are the only ones to send you a free in-store poster to kickstart getting SMS subscribers. We pass on the savings to you.

Plus if you need special campaigns or a tool such code for an online form to place it on your website to sign up users, we may be able to help set up - at no extra cost. Just ask us!

For more specialized customization, apps or large-scale volume, we recommend you open an account directly with our partner

There are lots of ways to build a list.

  1. In-store poster. Talk advantage of our customized poster that we can print and send to MFP SMS customers.

  2. Create your own poster.

    • Just think of a unique Keyword for your business such as an in-store post, then advertise it with the 555888 short code. Give your customers an incentive to join your list. Consider:

      • what kind of message will work best for your audience? Will it be a coupon, an event notification, or a reminder? 

      • engaging your customers to sign up with an instant offer they can redeem, such as a free drink or discount if they sign immediately. You'll pretty soon you'll have a big, opted-in list.

  3. Advertise on your businesses’ social media pages like Instagram

  4. Print your own in-store signs.

  5. Put up a web form on your site to get customers to subscribe (we can give you the code - contact us).

  6. Print an offer/coupon on your customer sales receipts and advertise it with the 555888 short code.

  7. If you already have a customer list already with mobile numbers, upload these into the SimpleTexting platform (we can help you). You can send your first campaign in minutes.

How do I build my list of SMS customers?

Who provides the SMS Platform?

We’ve partnered with SimpleTexting to use their robust platform. A recognized, reliable industry leader, they also have great educational resources and everything you need to set up and create great campaigns and offers your customers will love.

Is there a mobile app I can use instead of my computer and create campaigns or check results?

Yes. There’s a free mobile app from our partner SimpleTexting, which has all the same features as the desktop (inbox, campaigns, autoresponders, keywords, your subscribers and help). Don’t forget, we set up the account in SimpleTexting for you first and send you the account log-ins, so all you have to do is download their new mobile app and see just how easy it is to harness the power of text marketing. Available: Google Play and Apple App.

You can create, send and monitor a campaign within minutes from your mobile phone.

What are credits and how many credits do I need?

Outgoing SMS messages are referred to as ‘credits’ and one SMS message = 1 credit. So, for example, to send 1 SMS message to 500 subscribers 4 times a month, you would need 2,000 credits for that month. MMS messages are 3 credits each, so you would need 6,000 credits for the same volume and frequency. Please note, incoming SMS messages (i.e. responses from your customers) are free.

To choose which account plan you need, estimate how many customers (aka subscribers or contacts), you think you will be on-boarding times (x), the number of messages you will be sending each month. You can move up and down plans.