What does the app do?

Using geo-location, you can find and save places around you or add places that you plan to visit.  The app will auto organize saved places into an A-Z list and by category. It works globally, so you can plan and have a handy itinerary ready to go when you arrive. Use the maps to guide you to a destination or check out your friends places for ideas.

How do I find places near me?

Tap the Nearby button and it will locate the places around you. 


Tap My Places > tap Categories tab > select a folder that relates to the type of place you are looking for. E.g. select 'EAT' category for a restaurant > tap All EAT Places Nearby. The results will show you all places that have categorized themselves as a restaruant or food establishment.

Looking for a place that is further away?

Use search bar on the Home screen below the map. Type the name of the business or place and add the town or city location, such as: Macy's NYC or Hotel Fasano Rio, or Harrods London.

Can I search for previously saved places by postcode/zip, city or county?

Yes, in My Places (and in your selected Connections places), go to the Search bar and enter the location type e.g. 10011 zip code or New York. All places saved you or you connection with that in their name and/or official address will appear.

Please note at this stage we are unable to search multiple connections/friends places in one time. Searches must be done per individual's name.

How can I save a place in the app?

There are 2 ways:

1) Locate the place, open the details screen and tap Save.

The option to file in a category will be offered as well as option to make a note.


  • Tip, pull down screen to refresh the entries, particularly if you have moved location.

2) Use SEARCH bar. Type in the place name plus city or town;

My Fave Places home screen

3) Check out your friends places as well or have them share a place with you.




Can't see places or need to enable Location Services on my mobile device?

  1. In your iPhone, go to the phone SETTINGS application

  2. Scroll down till you see MFP app;

  3. Inside MFP settings tap LOCATION and select 'WHILE USING THE APP'. This will now enable to app to work;

  4. You can return to MFP!


Push Notifications & News

IMPORTANT: in order to receive notifications such as sharing a recommended place from your followers, you need to have these enabled in your iPhone's SETTINGS application (see above image for where to find it). In the iPhones SETTINGS app (look for the cog wheel icon on your phone), scroll down through the list of apps until you see MFP, then you can adjust the toggles to be on (green) allowing notifications.

The Notification area contains the following messages:

  1. When someone start to follow you or you begin to follow a MFP user;

  2. When a person shares a place with you.

Go to your iPhone Settings app, tap to open Settings, scroll down till you see MFP, tap Notifications, move switches to allow green (on).

Go to your iPhone Settings app, tap to open Settings, scroll down till you see MFP, tap Notifications, move switches to allow green (on).

You can tap on the message to see more information about the person or place.

You can delete a Notification by gently swiping from right to left on the row you wish to delete. A red trash bin will appear. To see a demonstration tap on the information icon (i) at the top right of the screen.

The News area contains the following messages:

  1. Broadcast news from My Fave Places.


Can I manually create a new place or edit a place details?

No. In order to maintain accurate details and avoid accidental typing errors, we are connected with 3rd party sources who provide the exact place details.  You are able to create and edit your own notes on these places once you save it to your list. 

How can I share a place?

Select the SHARE icon on the bottom right of the selection's profile page. You then have the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, email the selection through a linked account or share with someone in the MFP app network. 

The My Fave Places app to app share gives users the ability to share & import places to directly,  privately to person you follow/are following within the My Fave Places app network. 

To share places app to app, look up a place (either one you have saved or searched for it); on the details of that place look for the round share icon (under Get Directions); tap share and you will see on next screen 4 options for sharing. To send to CONNECTIONS look for the globe icon (4th on the right). Tap it and look up your recipients name and a message will confirm you wish to send the place to that recipient. 

You can send an individual places to connected MFP user one at at a time.

Can I share a place to Facebook? Yes, here's how & yes you can add a selfie to your place :)

The benefit of sharing on Facebook for you & your followers through MFP app

If you have people following you personally or professionally such as organization with clients or representative businesses, when followers tap on your post via their iPhone, it allows them to also import the place to their phone (inside the app). Influencers typically want this feature. If a followers doesn't have the app it takes them to the app store to download. Android viewers get redirected to the MFP web site. An Android version will be made available in near future for them as well.

How do I delete a place I've previously saved?

There are 2 ways:

1) Locate the place in My Place list and swipe the field to the left. A red delete bin will appear for you to tap.


2) Open the place you saved, tap on the Save button and the option to UNFAVORITE (delete) will appear.

How do I change the category of a place?

Open the place you saved, tap on the Save button and the option to EDIT CATEGORY will appear.

How do I search and follow people who are MFP my friends?

There are 2 ways to find new MFP people to follow.

Look up through MY CONNECTIONS

  1. Tap the + symbol on top right of screen.

  2. Type in first and/or last name of the person you are searching for. If they have registered, they should appear in the search results.

  3. Tap the name, tap FOLLOW

  4. The person will receive a notification that you are now following them.

  5. Their name will now appear in the MY CONNECTIONS screen under the FOLLOWING tab.

Soon you will be able to view followers of other people's profiles and connect then.

Can't find your friend inside the app?

They may registered with a variation of their name e.g. shortening of the name; or they may not have registered yet! See next steps below.

Invite a friend or business contact

My Fave Places is great for maintaining your own lists. It is even more fun and convenient when you share places and experiences with people; or have people follow you. To get your contacts using MFP:

  • Go to HOME, then INVITE +

You have the option to send them an SMS, email or post to Twitter or Facebook with a direct link to the MFP download page in the Apple App store.

How are Connections counted?

Connections are the total number of people who follow you + people you follow.

To see a break out in counts of Followers and Following, go to your Profile screen by tapping on your avatar image  on the home screen.

Can I block a person following me?

  1. Yes. Go to MY FAVE PEOPLE

  2. Locate the person you wish to block. Tap BLOCK.

To unblock a person

  1. Go to SETTINGS


  3. Locate blocked person, tap UNBLOCK

Can I hide my user profile from public view to protect my privacy?

My Fave Places people, lists and notes are intended for public consumption and works best when real people share and trust each other’s recommendations. However we think it’s important to keep your personal account information private. You can create a personalized user name that is displayed and we do not reveal your email or phone number. You can also keep as many or as few of your favorite places private from others. We have steps on how to do that in this section.

Are my places private?

Your categories of favorite places are by default public to your followers unless you want to make them private.

How to make individual places private

To change a places visibility to private, swipe left on the category row in the Home screen and select the gold prompt, MAKE IT PRIVATE.  Look for the (p) to indicate that it is now private from anyone but you.

To undo, you can use the same method and select the gold prompt, MAKE IT PUBLIC.

Note. each time you make a place private, it is removed from being counted as part of your totals that appear on the home screen. So you will notice your total number of places decrease. If made public, the total will increase.

Make a CATEGORY private

To change a category's status, swipe left on the category row in the Home screen and select the gold prompt, MAKE IT PRIVATE. Look for the (p) to indicate that it is now private from anyone but you.

To undo, you can use the same method and select the gold prompt, MAKE IT PUBLIC.

Hide all places within a category

To bulk change the content of a category's place to private, there are two options.

  • Option 1: swipe left on the category row in the Home screen and select the gold prompt, MAKE IT PRIVATE.

    • To undo, you can use the same method and select the gold prompt, MAKE IT PUBLIC.

  • Option 2: Go to SETTINGS, select PRIVATE CATEGORIES and toggle to green to make the category private.

    • To undo, you can use the same method and toggle to back to white.

On the categories page, look for the (p) to confirm the category folder contents are private. The folder name will remain visible to followers, but every current listing and future places that you save will no longer be visible to others. It will look empty. You can still see that category and its entries.

Can I have download the app for Android?

We love Android users, but can only support the iPhone version of the My Fave Places app at this time. However we are working on a version for you. Register here to be notified when it's ready. 

When you add a photo to a PLACE in the Gallery on My Fave Places, that photo is NOT public. At present we don't directly link to Instagram and other photo sharing sites from within the app. We will enable this in future.

If you do take a photo within the MFP application, it will save to your camera roll and you can post directly from there.

Home city
Your home city is viewable by the public.  You can edit your home city in your Profile. To change location, go to PROFILE, tap edit icon top right of screen, tap inside location box, you can type in e.g. London, Sydney or Los Angeles or more local such as Dearborn, MI. The app will find it and you can select and it will auto save.

Your bio
Your bio is viewable by the public.  Including a short text and URL bio is completely optional. You can also add a status update on what you are doing. To add, change, or remove your bio, go to your PROFILE and tap edit icon top right of screen. We only show image, your display name, bio and location to the public. Information such as gender and email address are not published.

Your bio photo is viewable to the public and we recommend having a photo to allow people to more easily find you, as well as to show your gorgeous and/or handsome self to the world. 

Option to add your own URL in the bio and status.

Option to add your own URL in the bio and status.

Delete a place photo

To delete photo of places in your profile have taken go to Gallery view, swipe left and the DELETE icon will appear. Tap it and you will be asked to confirm you want to delete the photo. Say Yes to delete it, No to keep. You can only delete photos in your profile. Not others.

Can I change Miles to Kilometres?

Yes. Go to Settings and toggle the Distance from Miles to Kms.

Can I import and save a destination address from a MFP web article into the app?

Yes. When reading a MFP through your Apple mobile device and you see text with import or save address, tap the link and the MFP app will open with the place address for you to save and have you ready to go visit you next new fave place. 

Can I add tags to a place?

At them moment we do not support the tagging feature, but will do so in future.

How do I switch between my Facebook accounts to Invite Friends?

  • Open a browser window on your mobile phone (e.g. Safari, Duck Duck Go etc). Through the mobile browser (not the Facebook mobile app), go to, Sign in and then Log Out. This will automatically end the Facebook session inside the MFP app.

  • Go back to the MFP App and INVITE +. Select Facebook and you will be prompted to log in and you can now enter your alternate Facebook account log in details.

Using Uber

The MFP app has integrated UBER® application button into places screens, allowing you to book its services.

My Fave Places app services uses the Uber platform but is not endorsed, certified, or otherwise approved by Uber. For all customer help queries regarding these services, please contact Uber directly. My Fave Places is not responsible or liable for your experience using these platforms.

Get your first ride free with Uber by using this code on sign up: uberMFPUberueueue



If we missed something, have an idea or you need assistance, let us know and we'll help you out.