Michael Mackie: Growing up, Michael Mackie (or M2, Esq. as he's known) always knew he wanted to be in TV. Or on TV. Or watching TV. He's not picky. He's an eight-time Emmy award-winning television host with a serious case of wanderlust. His motto? "Avoid negativity at any cost."

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International Luxury Lifestyle Curator and Travel Expert, Duane Wells, has traveled the world and back again seeking out the best destinations and the very best those destinations have to offer. Over the last decade and a half, he has been a regular contributor to a global clutch of distinguished publications that has included the Huffington Post, Homefront, Passport, TimeOut, Advocate, Frontiers, Instinct and Out. 

In the course of his work, Duane has visited nearly every corner of the globe and interviewed celebrities ranging from David Beckham, Kit Harrington, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Hudson to Tony Bennett, Dame Joan Collins, Eva Longoria-Parker and HSH Princess Cecile zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, just to name a few.

In 2015, utilizing his diverse work experience which has included stints as a special events and fundraising executive, managing editor of a digital publication and host of "Here's The Thing," an hour-long daily travel radio program, Duane launched, The Wells Group, a marketing and events consulting concern, whose clients have included Harrah’s and Stations Casinos among others. The new venture is a complement to Duane’s home on the web 

A resident of Los Angeles when he isn’t globetrotting or stalking his next celebrity profile, Duane is also a committed Anglophile who considers his yet to be completed first novel, “Heaven or Hell, Darling?” his raison d’etre.

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Devon Walsh is a budding writer, researcher and editorial web producer based in Brooklyn, NY. A New York City native, she has traveled far and wide, hungrily eating her way through five continents, and documenting cultural happenings along the way. 

Viewing each adventure, and particularly the meals involved, as a gift, she seeks to investigate the ways in which food can serve as a context through which to explore the environment at hand.  She is currently working on her Masters in Food Studies at NYU.

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Laurie Ulster is a transplanted Canadian who fell in love with Manhattan about 10 minutes after her arrival at NYU. After many years as a television producer, where networks like MTV had her producing everything from musician interviews in dive bars all over the East Village to game shows in Malaysia, she made the switch to digital, overseeing sites at Fuse and A&E. These days, she is a freelance writer, digital exec, and a longtime Star Trek nerd, who is still wondering what it’ll be like when she grows up. You can follow Laurie at:

David Behringer is obsessed with the New York art world.  Not a mere art theorist (he holds not one but two degrees - in Art History & Studio Art); David personally visits over 200 galleries every month; writes a monthly art column for Design Milk and; produces popular YouTube videos that cover the best of the best in New York's art world. Phew! David is the expert at locating unmarked doors and sifting through countless hours of boring art to uncover and share the most exciting contemporary art in the world today. You can follow David at:

Tim Welsh uses his marketing consultant career as an excuse to travel around the world and visit new places. In the words of Oscar Wilde, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." 

To Tim, it's all about having stories worth telling to your friends now and young people when you're old. In order to have those stories, you need to try a little bit of everything. You can follow Tim at: 

Theatre Is Easy ( is committed to connecting audiences to New York theatre. Through trustworthy and insightful reviews written by theatre practitioners, Theasy offers quick and easy information about what's playing on Broadway, off Broadway, and downtown, so you see great live performances. We pick the Best Bets each week for you. Find more theatre reviews at You can follow Theatre is Easy at:


Alexa Grant is a recovering fashion designer who now freelances for trend forecasting companies providing trend research/analysis as curated shopping guides.

First trained as a classical pianist Alexa found while she very much adored all things Bach and Beethoven it was the creative and design field that was calling her name professionally.

In addition to freelancing, Alexa is launching her own line of fine jewelry made here in New York City. You can follow Alexa through:

Frankie Jay boarded the first plane to foreign shores at age 10 and has never lost the love of travel. Chasing good meals, wine, company and sunny corners to curl up in afterwards.

Based in NYC, but will appear in the most random of places and venues around the world. Trying out new destinations, activities, dining and bars. Rest assured, Frankie will only report on the best places for you to try, leaving out the chaff.

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