The Human Printer

Ends 17 October 2015

Right: painting  from the current Chuck Slose Show,  Chuck Close: Red Yellow Blue.  Left: closeup of painting's "pixels"

Right: painting  from the current Chuck Slose Show, Chuck Close: Red Yellow Blue. Left: closeup of painting's "pixels"

These paintings are only made with 3 colors of paint (magenta, cyan, & yellow) applied separately on every square of this painting.  The ONLY thing that Chuck Close is varying is the level of transparency in each brushstroke, so that when viewing the 3 layers at once, the sum total is photographic accuracy.  Yes he's a legitimate genius.

Best of all, he's now leaving every painting unfinished!  About 75% of the painting above has all 3 colors, then at the bottom he loses the yellow (3rd layer), before losing the cyan (2nd layer), to demonstrate what his first layer (magenta) looks like.