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40,000 lbs of Sand! Huge sand castle by Huang Yong Ping

By: David Behringer (The Two Percent)

Bank of Sand, Sand of Bank

On display: until 9 June, 2018 (details below)

  Sand structure replica of the former HSBC Bank in Shanghai, built in 1923 . Work by artist Huang Yong Ping. 2018

Sand structure replica of the former HSBC Bank in Shanghai, built in 1923. Work by artist Huang Yong Ping. 2018

What it is:

A 20-ton sand castle replica of a bank in Shanghai.  The building has some complex political history which you can read about on the gallery website, but mainly... it's a 20-TON SAND CASTLE!!!

sand castle by Huang Yong Ping.jpg

Why it Matters:

I've never spent so much time Googling a 1920's bank in China. I'm always impressed when a work of art can transform a boring subject into a topic so addictively interesting. 
Also, the sun is out, so a sand castle just seems perfect right now.

p.s. Notice that the gallery has not put up a rope around the structure, or even placed a tape boarder on the floor to tell you how far to stand away... so PLEASE don't get close.  I like that galleries still trust visitors, so let's not change that. #nobarriers.

Huang Yong Ping @ Gladstone Gallery, 530 W 21st St, NYC. Ends 6/9 -->Exhibition Link

About the artist:

Huang Yong Ping is a Chinese-born, French contemporary artist and one of the most famous Chinese Avant-garde artists. Born in 1954 in Xiamen, he was recognized as the most controversial and provocative artist of the Chinese art scene in the 1980s and is known  for his massive installations that explore East-West perspectives.


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