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High-Tech Brushstrokes by Matthew Stone

By: David Behringer (The Two Percent)


On display: until 24 June, 2018 (details below)

H tech brush strokes

Neophyte (St. John’s Wort), 2018, digital print on linen, 63 x 98.4 inches, 160 x 250 cm. Work by artist Matthew Stone

What it is:

A dance between computer and paint - The artist makes real brushstrokes on glass, then photographs them and digitally manipulates each one with 3D software to create hollow "skin" figures that are printed on linen.


 Combined Effort I, 2018.  Work by artist Matthew Stone.

Combined Effort I, 2018, digital print on linen, 98.4 x 63 inches, 250 x 160 cm. Work by artist Matthew Stone.


Why it Matters:

The "nude" is the oldest subject in the book, and it's crazy impressive to see contemporary artists try to find new ways to make it sexy, vulnerable, or slightly scandalous.  It's also "Picasso" reinvented (if you saw my super old video on Cubism - this is "breaking the window" in a WHOLE new way)

I wish my Art History 101 course had STARTED with this painting... then worked backwards.

OH!  If you can't get to the gallery, certainly check the link below for all the skin/paint.

Matthew Stone @ The Hole, 312 Bowery, ends 6/24 -->Exhibition Link 


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