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Animations in REAL LIFE! By Eric Dyer

Seeking Motion Hidden

On display: Feb 24 – Mar 31, 2018 (details below)

Artist Eric Dyer2

See the people & umbrellas? By Eric Dyer: Shabamanetica #2 (detail), 2017

What it is:

Mandala-like digital collages don't make any sense, UNTIL you spin them (yes you can grab them and give them a whirl). You'll activate a perfectly-timed strobe light that will animate them in REAL LIFE!  Check out the full thing in action on Instagram.


Artist Eric Dyer1

Spin the mandala. Work by artist Eric Dyer.


Why it Matters:

Flip books are fun right?  I think it's something about controlling the process of animation while you're seeing an illusion at the same time. Your brain can AND can't believe something at the same time.

In other words - these are just like flip books - except FOUR THOUSAND times cooler looking.  And it is so smart of the artist to make them "viewer activated" (they could have just been spinning on motors forever) because if you didn't make them work, you wouldn't even believe it. 


About the artist:

Artist and filmmaker Eric Dyer brings animation into the physical world with his sequential sculptures and installations. His work has been widely exhibited at events and venues such as the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art, Ars Electronica, the London International Animation Festival, the screens of Times Square, and the Cairo and Venice Biennales. He has been honored as a Fulbright Fellow, Sundance New Frontier Artist, Creative Capital Artist, and Guggenheim Fellow. Dyer's fervent exploration of expression through motion has placed his work in books such as Re-imagining Animation: the Changing Face of the Moving Image, Animation: A World History, and A New History of Animation. He teaches visual arts and animation at UMBC in Baltimore and is represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York. Source: Ronald Feldman Fine Arts



Eric Dyer 'Seeking Motion Hidden' @ Ronald Feldman Gallery, 31 Mercer St, ends 4/22-->Exhibition Link


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