Andy Warhol at the Whitney

If These Walls Could Talk

Video by: David Behringer (The Two Percent)

This cool video will open your eyes to the staging of Warhol and many, many more exhibitions.

Andy Warhol "From A to B and Back Again" is on view through March 31, 2019 at the Whitney Museum in New York! AND it's one of the smarted exhibition designs I've ever seen*. Here are a few theorieshave about the walls themselves. Check out: to subscribe to the free newsletter & learn about my VIP private tours. *Andy Warhol "From A to B and Back Again" was organized by the amazing Donna De Salvo, assisted by Christie Mitchell and Mark Loiacono. The information in this video is not endorsed or approved by the Whitney Museum. It's just me having fun.

Andy Warhol now on at the Whitney Museum of American Art


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