A High-Tech Hologram Behind an Unmarked Door | My Fave Places

Alex Israel @ Reena Spaulings Gallery

MAY 2 - JUNE 15, 2019

Review by: David Behringer (The Two Percent)


What it is:
In THE most hidden gallery in the Lower East Side is THE most expensive piece of technology. A life-size hologram using the same technology as the Tupac hologram a few years back. But NOW you get to examine the technology up close... if you know how to get in the gallery...


Why it Matters:
I made a video (below) that answers "viewer questions", and it ONE of the answers, I FILMED how to enter this show AND talked about why "nearly impossible-to-find art is so great".  So watch that video in full below.  If you don't care, and just want instructions NOW:
1. Go to 165 E Broadway.  It's a dirty glass door on the side of the Chinese Restaurant near the subway entrance.
2. You'll see 2 buzzers to the left of the door.  Hit the lower one.. and wait for the "EEEERRRRR" sound to indicate the door is unlocked.
3. Walk up to the 2nd floor and find the grey unmarked door.
4. Walk into the gallery.  Don't touch, but you CAN walk behind the hologram if you want.
5. If you're an Instagram Influencer.. please don't selfie this show.  I trust people who read this newsletter, but often mega-Instagram accounts can cause non-art-interested visitors to swarm a gallery (who are just trying to copy selfie poses), which risks shutting down shows like this. Yes I've seen it happen multiple times.  So I'm SUPER careful how I share a show like this on Instagram (which is why I haven't yet.. and likely won't until the show is over).

Alex Israel @ Reena Spaulings Gallery, 165 East Broadway, 2nd Floor, ends 6/15 -->Exhibition Link


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