Contemporary Art, Chelsea, NYC, New York City, The Two Percent

40,000 lbs of Sand! Huge sand castle by Huang Yong Ping

This show presents Bank of Sand, Sand of Bank, an important historical work by Huang Yong Ping, Being exhibited for the first time in New York since its creation nearly two decades ago. This 'sand castle' derives its structure from the former HSBC Bank in Shanghai.

Contemporary Art, Art, Galleries, New York City, NYC

Christie's Auction House - See the Masterpieces Even the Museum's Don't Have

For one weekend only, see the multi-million dollar art masterpieces the rich & famous bid on BEFORE they disappear into private hands again.

Art, Chelsea, Contemporary Art, Design, New York City, NYC, The Two Percent

Violent Eggs by artist Gil Batle

Look closely at the artwork on this ostrich eggshell, it 'delicately' reflects the hard life in jail. Carved by an ex-con.

Art, Contemporary Art, Chelsea, New York City, NYC, The Two Percent

Wait... What color is this?!

This exhibition plays with the entire spectrum of colors visible to the human eye, tricking your sight along the way.