Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art, New York City, Photography, The Two Percent

Hide with Pride

Real photos sliced then woven with fabric to promote yet protect the identity of the wearer. Find out why.

Contemporary Art, Chelsea, New York City

Uncomfortable Furniture

Uncomfortable furniture is amazing

Contemporary Art, New York City, The Two Percent, Lower East Side

Back to the Future: by Daniel Arsham

A life-size DeLorean (Back to the Future) and a super rare Ferrari (Ferris Beller's Day Off) have real crystals growing throughout them. Check out this show!

Contemporary Art, Chelsea, Art, Galleries

Ghostly Chairs by Urs Fischer

9 office chairs move throughout the gallery BY THEMSELVES - performing a coordinated dance (sometimes together, sometimes in pairs) without ANY visible mechanisms.  It's easy to describe, but impossible to believe.