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Violent Eggs by artist Gil Batle


Until 24 Feb, 2018 NYC


 Habd carved ostrich egg by Gil Batle
Hand carved ostrich egg by Gil Batle


What it is:
CARVED ostrich eggshells by and ex-con.
While spending decades in prison, Gil Batle learned how to tattoo, which sharpened his artistic skill, kept him safe, AND allowed him to hear hundreds of stories of other prisoners.  Those stories (often violent) now appear on these delicately carved eggshells.


 Detail of carved egg with weapon. Designed by Gil Batle.
Detail of carved egg with weapon. Designed by Gil Batle.


Why it matters:
Art can do this cool trick:  High-level craftsmanship in particular, can force you to get REALLY close, and look for a long period of time... that you many not want to see.  It's this opposition between beauty and pain that makes these eggs even better than a Faberge.

Also, Gil is a pretty amazing human being - check out this news story and interview with him.

Where to see: Gil Batle @ Ricco/Maresca529 W 20th St Fl 3, ends 2/24 -->Exhibition Link


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