Hide with Pride

Interwoven by Kyle Meyer

Commentary by: David Behringer (The Two Percent)

Exhibition closes 8 December, 2018

Interwoven by Kyle Meyer 2018.

Interwoven by Kyle Meyer 2018.

What it is:
Photographs and colorful fabric are woven together!  Portraits of men from eSwatini (formally Swaziland) wearing head wraps traditionally worn by women. The large photos are then cut into strips and woven with that SAME fabric that they were wearing.

Kyle Meyer at Yossi Milo.jpg

Why it Matters:
This may be the smartest thing I've seen all year. Check this out:
These men are members of the oppressed LGBT community in eSwatini.  And these photos allow them to do two things:

#1 pick out their favorite fabric to model it with pride
#2 obscure their identity (for their safety) in the final work due to the abstraction of the fabric weave.

On top of THAT, this is an issue I've never had to deal with, in a country I've never visited, with people I'll never meet - and yet the "real" fabric that is within each artwork creates a VERY real "gut" connection to the images, the men, and the issue... all while being just incredibly interesting and beautiful to look at.

Kyle Meyer @ Yossi Milo Gallery245 10th Ave, NYC. Ends 12/8 -->Exhibition Link


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