Uncomfortable Furniture

Hugh Hayden: Border States

Commentary by: David Behringer (The Two Percent)

Exhibition closes 27 October, 2018

Hugh Hayden 1.jpg

What it is:
Various species of trees were taken from the Texas/Mexico border and carved into furniture.  Not just a political show, it's also one of extreme design & skill:  For many works, the artist LEAVES the branches on the wood (so the branches are not glued on the stroller below, he just carved around them on each piece of wood). 

Hugh Hayden 3.jpg
Hugh Hayden 2.jpg

Why it Matters:
From a design/making perspective, the idea that you work with the "branches" of the tree rather than cut them off before you even start -  is genius.  He's also TALKING about the original tree. For example, the table & chairs above is made out of "Mesquite", which is a tree with thorns!!  From a political stance, no matter what your views (although I'm PRETTY sure we all agree that families shouldn't be separated at the border), I really love political art that interests and impresses me BEFORE I learn the message. Art should make you curious to learn BEFORE you read the wall text.

Hugh Hayden @ Lisson Gallery, 138 W 10th Ave, ends 10/27 -->Exhibition Link


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