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Trip Out With Animated Stars: Lights By Leo Villareal

Leo Villareal

Pace Gallery, 537 W 24th St, NYC. Ends 11 August 2017.

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LED lights by Leo Villareal 2017
LED lights by Leo Villareal 2017


What it is:
Strips of LED lights that twinkle like falling snow (below), and best of all: Head all the way to the back room to find digital animations (above) that look like a hybrid between multiplying microorganisms and exploding stars. It's psychedelic... in black & white.


Lights by Leo Villareal 2017
Lights by Leo Villareal 2017


Why it matters:
The animations in the back room are on OLED TVs!!!!!!  I know - I didn't know what that meant either, until you actually realize what you're NOT seeing.  OLED TVs can achieve "true black", so they don't have that "grey glow" that current TVs have when trying to show "black".  In other words - the white "stars" don't look like they're attached to a surface, and you can't see the edge of the screen.

I'm just saying: Art is the best place to check out the newest technology.

Leo Villareal @ Pace Gallery, 537 W 24th St, ends 8/11 -->Exhibition Link


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