Not a Horse.... It's Also Not Wood. Bronze Works By Deborah Butterfield

Deborah Butterfield @ Danese/Corey Gallery - NYC

Ends 23 June 2017

Deborah Butterfield bronze horse

Deborah Butterfield bronze horse

What it is:

Full size horses made from driftwood...  that is actually bronze that LOOKS like driftwood.... that looks like a horse.  Does that make sense?

Deborah Butterfield metal horse

Why it matters:

It opens your eyes a little wider. The process of building these - casting wood into metal, welding it together, then painting it to resemble the original wood EXACTLY - is cool.  But what impresses me the most is her ability to see the whole world as a giant puzzle. The hours spent wandering a beach, looking and waiting for a random stick to "fit" the perfect muscle, vein, or twist of the head... you can feel it all in every work (but don't actually touch any of it please!!)

Danese/Corey Gallery, 511 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011 --> More Images


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