Free Candy (by Felix Gonzalez-Torres)

The estate of Felix Gonzalez-Torres at the David Zwirner Gallery, NYC.

Ends 24 June 2017

Free candy in the Felix Gonzalez-Torres exhibition

What it is:
Candy on the floor that you can take, stacks of "posters" for you to roll and bring home, and a couple massive beaded curtains you can walk through.  This mini-retrospective of Felix-Gonzalez-Torres is absolute perfection.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres lights

Felix Gonzalez-Torres lights

Why it matters:

  • If you're a Felix fan: You WILL LOVE this.
  • If you aren't familiar: The only thing you NEED to know, is that you CAN take the candy, and you CAN take the posters, and you CAN walk through the beads, but the deeper you dig into the "rules" of his work and the stories of people who knew him, the more kind, sad, and beautiful everything becomes. If you can't hang out with me to learn all the inside info: It's all about true love and real loss that is universal to us all, from a man who got more than his fair share of the latter... and always chose joy. R.I.P. Felix.

David Zwirner Gallery 537 W 20th St, New York NY 10011. Ends 24 June  -->Exhibition Link


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