Art Meets Glamarama: a Pop Up Celebration of Hublot and Photographer Chen Man

"Hublot Loves Art"

International Finance Center, Central Hong Kong.

"Long live the Motherland, Beijing. 1" by Chen Man

If you are in HK and want a add a bit of art input to your shopping day, there is an art-pop up show at luxury fashion mall IFC (International Finance Centre) called "Hublot Loves Art". It celebrates the collaboration of luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot and world-renowned Chinese female photographer Chen Man. A new Big Bang series watch from Hublot that was designed in collaboration with Chen Man is featured. Check it out here.

"The Astronaut" by Chen Man

"The Astronaut" by Chen Man

Chen Man has photographed the likes of Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, Zhang Ziyi and Dolce Gabbana amongst many others. CNN wondered if she was China's Annie Lebovitz?

 "Long live the Motherland, Shanghai. 1" by Chen Man

Other artists featured included Yue Minjun and Sang Bleu. Who knows you might come back with a beautiful timepiece on your wrist after enjoying seeing one of the world's hottest photographer's works.